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STAR TRAIL: May the goats race again

Word on the grapevine is that Royal Ascot Goat Race will be making a comeback sometime this September. The goat races, as fans fondly called them, had become one of the social events of the year. They were a chance for Kampala’s elite and wannabes to turn up in outrageous costumes and cheer running goats.
Last held in 2008, they certainly couldn’t have come back at a better time to a Kampala whose social life has become sombre. With the July 11 bomb blasts literally killing off the night life, and the closure of such calendar events like PAM Awards, there seemed little left.
As usual, corporate sponsors are already staking claim to the races.  Crane Bank and Gold Star insurance have already booked 1,000 seater tents and Golf Course Hotel has put down Shs 6m on one of the “race-goats”. Utl and Kampala Casino are some of the other big names that have already booked their tents.  The Royal Ascot Goat Races attract the who is who in the financial, entertainment and fashion circles in town to the event venue – Munyonyo.
A lot of money is expected to be raised for some of the charities dear to the organizers including Katalemwa Cheshire Home, Daughters of Charity, Kids League and Salama School for the Blind. In 2008 when the races were last held, proceeds in excess of Shs15m went to charity.

Renah not about to leave Suudi

There has been talk that Suudi Entertainment might soon be losing its flagbearer in Uganda, singer Renah Nalumansi. Suudi Entertainment last year lost its biggest artist so far, Henry Tigan. He left under acrimonious circumstances.
Well, Renah reveals that she has a contract with Suudi Entertainment which is renewable every two years. “So far I have been with Suudi Entertainment for roughly one and half years. I will decide if I want to renew my contract with them when the time comes in March 2011. We will see about that then.”
Although Renah admits she only joined Suudi Entertainment because, “we got to know Suudi Entertainment because Suudi was managing Tigan,” she refuses to be drawn into the bickering. She admits she was aware that people were insinuating a lot.
“Like maybe I had something to do with Tigan leaving which was not true. When it is my time to leave Suudi Entertainment, I will tell you. I don’t have to leave by the back door.”

Sophie Alal wins 2010 Beverley Nambozo Poetry Award

Sophie Alal is this year’s winner of the Beverley Nambozo (Pictured) Poetry Award. Along with the prize money of $250, Alal won an autographed copy of Dr. Susan Kiguli’s poetry collection, The African Saga and an autographed copy of How to Save Money for Investment by Ken Monyoncho. The second prize went to Regina Asinde for her poem, Fragrance. Regina won $150 and the two books. Third prize went to Nakisanze Segawa, who won $100 and the two books.
In its second year, the Beverley Nambozo Poetry Award was almost postponed as main organiser Nambozo seriously considered the security implications. Following the July 11 bomb blasts in Kampala, Nambozo admitted she was not too sure if the invited guests would brave the night to show their support for the growing poetry award.
However, she was pleasantly surprised as Kati Kati Main Hall was filled with poetic excitement. The event began with a candlelight ceremony to remember those that died during the terror attacks.
The Nnabagereka Development Foundation was represented by Radio One’s Maria Kiwanuka and Joy Maraka, the rector of Greenhill Academy.

Pablo’s breathtaking fiancée

They say good things come to those who wait. And indeed our man Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo has scored big.
Those who think they don’t know his fiancée, you in fact know her so well. She is called Karen Hasahya, a former Miss Uganda contestant 2003 who won the Miss Talent Award.
The couple was unveiled to the public at Watoto Church North in Ntinda Kisaasi last Sunday.
Karen in a beautiful purple dress and black peep toe shoes and Pablo wearing a big smile and a black suit.
The two are total opposites; Karen is a very quiet, reserved girl but as cute as they come, while Pablo is a very funny outgoing person. One thing though is that this IT specialist is a beauty to the T.
Their wedding is scheduled for August 4. We tried stealing a photo of the two off his Facebook page but apparently Pablo has too many friendship requests and Facebook is not accepting more. He already has 4,953 friends and by the looks of things, he will get more with the wedding around the corner.

DJ Michael’s girlfriend pregnant

If you have run into DJ Michael of late, you must have noticed an extra bounce in his step. This is because the Muko, Muko and Kwata, Kwata singer is set to become a father. DJ Michael’s longtime girlfriend Rona Ndagire is reported to be pregnant and very much housebound. The baby will be the couple’s first child.
Although DJ Michael is understandably excited about this development, he has of late been battling rumours. The singer has denied that he is in a “romantic relationship” with Cafe Cheri and Cafe Royale owner popularly known as Madame Cherry. DJ Michael performs every Wednesday at Cafe Royale.
He said: “I would not bother replying the rumours, but my wife is pregnant. Those rumours are not good for her. Madame Cherry is so close to me because she is my boss. But that is where it stops.” DJ Michael of late has enjoyed moderate airplay with his song Kiri Kitya,  a live concert favourite. He is also releasing Wolokoso very soon.

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