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OBSERVER LOCKER: Observer Blues ready for NBS tie

This Sunday, all roads lead to Kabira Country Club where The Observer Blues take on NBS TV in a much awaited football match

Katunzi: Hey guys…don’t shame Observer against NBS. Even if they employ ‘bacuba’ (mercenaries)
Madoi: But is it true that NBS is going to field Mujib Kasule?
Vianney: So I heard.

Madoi: No way. How can Mujib play for Monitor and then NBS at the same time?
Vianney: I don’t really care if they fielded Lionel Messi too; but come to think of it, which team does Mujib belong to?
Abu-baker: But Madoi, I didn’t know you are a coward. You fear Mujib?

Kisakye: It is you sports desk guys who wrote that Mujib would control the ball and it runs 100 metres away from him, so what’s there to fear about him?
Eupal: Personally I’m man marking one person in the NBS team, Joy Doreen Biira!
Lumu: By the way, Dennis Mbidde is going to play for us to extinguish the Mujib ‘mercenary’ factor.

Vianney: Being a columnist for The Observer like Mujib is for the Monitor, I don’t think anything inhibits him from playing for us.
Sebugwawo: Ha...but Mbidde should know that this is not Falcons basketball club where he calls the shots. Otherwise he is a welcome addition in goal.

Vianney: Owange! Sebugwawo, what’s with this fire against Mbidde?
Sebugwawo: He’s no Henry or Van Persie on this team. By the way, Coca Cola is giving us soft drinks for the match.

Eupal: That’s great but I’m more concerned about Shem Semambo’s beer sponsorship.
Sebugwawo: Let me hope that Taata Mbaaga (Vianney) has no wedding ceremony to attend this time.
Ovola: Ya! He organised one on the day we played Red Pepper and he had an excuse to miss.

Sebugwawo: Otherwise the likes of Stuart Mutebi and colleagues are dead meat.
Kisakye: But if Joy Biira is going to play, Echwalu shouldn’t even appear at Kabira.
Eupal: The guy still reminisces all times they spent at Campus FM presenting the morning show together with Biira.

Lumu: Then we shall bandage him to the poles until the end of the match.
Echwalu: I won’t play then if that is your line of reasoning.
Abu-Baker: But you’re a non-starter Echwalu.
Echwalu: By the way guys, I have been working out pretty hard and I will be prolific on Sunday.

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