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MPs FORUM: I can't believe some people's stand on gays

Odonga Otto , Aruu County

I recently received a copy of the compilation of the CSO magazine in my pigeonhole, and in it I read the articles by Andrew Mwenda, John Nagenda and the Leader of Opposition attacking our heroes Hon. David Bahati (Ndorwa West MP), and Dr. Nsaba Buturo, the Minister of Ethics and Integrity.

The Leader of Opposition in Parliament was quoted as saying “If you steal, to an extent that you allow corruption, open theft of public goods and money to be the norm, then who are you to condemn those who are not even any harm to the society?”

In the magazine, Andrew Mwenda, the Managing Editor of The Independent magazine says that Bahati, who tabled the Anti-Homosexual Bill, should rather spend energy fighting nuclear energy or global warming. 

Then, the Presidential Advisor on the Media, John Nagenda leaves an innuendo that Bahati is insane and should stop the wishful thinking that he is protecting the children, for Bahati’s children may one day be gay.

They alluded to the possibility that homos could help in family planning and problems associated with over population.

I can’t believe all the comments from the trio above who are averagely—apart from Mwenda—about 30 years older than me. Mwenda and Nagenda tend to say that the Bahatis are using religion, a Western thing, to oppose gay rights.

Therefore let me use a non religious tone to respond to them. I will draw from two countries. Recently in Malawi, the law and the courts took a firm stand on homosexuals and in Russia planned demonstrations by the gay movement always ended up in bloody clashes with the anti-gays with the loss of the former.

I personally feel gays or homos have a mental problem. I’ve even failed to imagine how they do their thing.
I often pray that this debate should come to an end because the more we talk about it the more silly arguments in favour of it will always be raised by the Mwendas and Nagendas of this world as our children are listening.

For in life, you can’t do what you have not imagined is possible. The Leader of Opposition, on surviving a recent motor accident, was quoted as saying: “I thank God for allowing me to survive...I don’t want the country to turn into chaos.”

Let my boss, Prof. Morris Ogenga Latigo, the Leader of Opposition, tell me whether that is one of the reasons he wanted God to keep him around? Why use God for selective things and not gays?

And also, as an insect science professor, can he tell us from the wealth of knowledge he has in that field, if gay behaivour actually exists among insects or animals?

He can’t cite any trend of such behaviour in the realm of animal kingdom. Unfortunately, the President of Uganda being the donor’s blue-eyed boy has not come out strongly on the Bill and subsequently it may be shelved.

Human rights activists like the (Dr. Sylvia) Tamales should know that rights are a creation of man and you cannot have rights where there is no life, a [situational] trend the gays are heading to.

But when all is said and done, [I submit that] gays should suffer death not only by hanging but also by stoning at a public marketplace. The alternative for them is to seek medical attention; a mad person cannot claim the right to be mad.  I will end by saying: Bravo Bahati, bravo Dr. Buturo!

As recorded by DAVID TASH LUMU


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