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Sylvia Owori fires up Fashion Nite

If Paul Frank is to America what Gianni Versace and Mario Prada are to Italy, then Sylvia Owori is definitely the Ugandan version.

Showcasing her best designs at Silk Lounge’s grand fashion show finale, everyone was left yearning for more and not quite sure whether the designs were really Ugandan by Ugandans. From casual, party, trendy, ready to wear and fantasy clothes, every girl that graced the cat walk was stunning.

I was left wondering whether it is the dress that makes the person or the person who makes the dress.
Owori who started out in a small shop on Ivory Plaza in July 1998, went on to make headlines when she held a fashion show in the middle of the road.  

Two years later she launched the first modeling agency in the country – Ziper Models. In 2001 she turned the Miss Uganda pageant into a major event on the social calendar and three years later she launched the African Woman, a glossy women’s magazine.

Enough of her, back to the show. As usual there was a delay to the start but then Dennis Mawanda, Jomayi Property Consultants Public Relations Officer stepped on to the stage as the night’s emcee and the night sped off.

The crowd was treated to a short documentary of Owori, because she could not make it for the show.
Then the first set of girls came out on the floor to do their thing. Ugandan crowds are very passive and it takes quite an effort to get them to applaud you.

But the magnificent outfits on the slender, tall beautiful girls were too much for the crowd to take in passively. They got to their feet, screaming and cheering each girl on that graced the floor. Benon and Vampos made a surprise performance to silence critics who claimed they had broken up. New singing session Raba Daba was the icing on the cake. And the cherry on top was the fantasy collection.

The girls came out and showcased Owori’s latest lingerie collection and I couldn’t help but lick my lips. No one wanted them to leave the stage because they really saved the best for last. After a decade in the business Owori is right when she claims that she has made a mark on global fashion.

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