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Nothing compares!

“Get rich or die trying.”-50 Cent. I usually prefer to quote the likes of William Shakespeare but in this case, I find 50 Cent perfect. We all need to make a bit of money to enjoy some of the things that life has to offer.

I was a guest at Paraa Safari Lodge and man! I swear I am flying first class after this – uuhm – if finances permit. But weep not dear Ugandans if your finances are not good, you can still visit some places like Paraa. The Ugandan rate per night is $125 (approx. Shs 235,000) for a single room and $ 200 (approx. Shs 376,000) for a double. These are full board rates. See, you can save up for it and have a good time.

Now onto my story. While we checked in, a lady was at hand, giving us wet towels to refresh ourselves with. What was going on here? Before I could answer that, she was offering us juice. To cool off again. Now, this was certainly it. You just had to love it.

Of course our luggage, mine a small backpack that I could carry myself, was carried to our rooms and by this time I was grinning.
“If these people only knew what a simple girl I am,” I thought to myself. At mealtimes, staff seat you and pour you a drink. I’ve experienced this once in a while but as always, I thought to myself: “I can pull my chair myself and pour my own water.” Of course all this happening in the middle of a jungle is another thing altogether.

Paraa is located in Murchison Falls National Park – home to the magnificent, breathtaking Murchison Falls. What more could one ask for? Sleep like a queen and be encountered by unmatched beauty at break of day.

Did I mention that the meals are sumptuous? Even I and my bad appetite had each and every course. This is something, considering that I look at vegetables and fruits as medicine; stuff to be avoided. The rooms are built with the finest of wood and mine overlooked the pool. The place was just so serene, the air so fresh and the smell so good. No allergies, no stress, just pure heaven.

And then I saw a lion and lioness and behold, the lion was running before our very eyes. I tell you, lions are worth all the hype. The ripple of muscles as the lion runs is not exaggerated by National Geographic. This was during the game drive in the park by the way, not at the lodge.

Lions prey on the Uganda Kob most because it is easy prey. They would only go for the giraffe if they were hard pressed for food because much as the giraffe is gentle, she can load a lethal kick when a predator strikes.

My friend was at a loss when she went for a job interview and she was asked what animal she is. She did not understand the relevance of the question and did not know what animal possessed what characteristic so she could come up a quick answer. If she asked me today, I would tell her to choose to be a giraffe – gentle yet aggressive. Perfect combination.

I decided not to make this about animals. It would be too soon after “When I met our Long Lost Cousins” (The Observer November 26-29). But I promise, for those struggling with questions like what animal you are, I will write something telling you about the different animals and their characteristics.


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