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LIFE IN THE MIRACLE WORLD: Dreams you should never ignore

I have received the occasional email from a reader who has been told the dream he/she is having is God’s way of warning about some impending danger and they don’t know what to do about it.
Of course depending on background, many of us were raised with many superstitions especially regarding dreams. The general rule seemed to be, dreams never come true. So if you dreamt that you were in a coffin, you would wake up happy that it meant long life.

If you dreamt about a wedding, you would start preparing for a funeral...
And whenever anyone’s dreams seemed to come to pass, that person would be regarded with respect and called ‘Ssekalootera’, or The Dreamer.

But after I dreamed of myself boarding a plane and several years later the dream came true, I started doubting those theories. And when I got saved and received teaching about dreams and how both God and Satan can use that subconscious mind to communicate to me, I started giving my dreams careful analysis.


When you dream about snakes, it is a sign of evil surrounding you, in most cases witchcraft. So use the Bible and bind those demons. The Bible says in Genesis 3 that God cursed the snake and we are allowed to bruise it with our heels. Also in Luke 10:19, Jesus gives us the authority to trample serpents and scorpions. Don’t sit back, take that authority and put the devil back in his place.


Different animals in a dream can signify different attacks. For example, if your dreams feature dogs, the Lord is warning you about the spirit of adultery and fornication. If you don’t deal with that, you can find yourself yielding to unbelievable lust and its fruits.


Many Christians are plagued by dreams in which they are having sex with someone – that person can be a face you recognise or not, it can even be a same-sex sexual encounter. Of course scientists have justified this as ‘normal’ and given it all kinds of explanations and names, but don’t be fooled.

Sex in a dream is one of the devil’s most treasured means of covenanting with God’s children. It signifies an actual marriage to a spirit and this ‘marriage’ is binding, unless broken. If you have such dreams, you will also notice problems in your marriage or courtship, if any.

These succubus and incubus spirits (or spirit husbands and spirit wives) also affect destinies, finances, and much more, so don’t take them lightly. This is a very extensive topic, but find a book by Dr David Olukoya: Deliverance from Spirit Husbands and Wives. It delves deeper into this and how to break free. I saw some copies at La Fontaine bookshop in Uchumi.


Others get dreams of themselves falling off a bed, a cliff, a wall, etc. That is also not good. It signifies destruction that could be lying in wait and it is a call for deliverance prayers.

There are dreams of you feasting. This is two-way: apart from sex, the devil also uses food to draw God’s people into evil covenants, so break free. Olukoya’s book does touch on this too in the section about evil caterers. I found it resourceful. Otherwise, I also recently learnt from church that dreams of you eating meat in particular, signify grumbling on your part and all you need to do is repent.

If the dream is about you swimming or standing at the seaside, be weary of backsliding spirits and marine spirits. All these go away through prayer, fasting or as the Spirit of God guides you.

The dead

However much you may have loved someone, dreaming about them after they have died is simply a spirit of death. It does not necessarily mean your loved one is trying to kill you, but the devil is using such people’s identities to get close to you and indoctrinate you, because he knows that way, you will not resist the lure.

So pray and seal the concerned graves in the blood of Jesus.
I know many people think of Christianity in a very basic and superficial way, but if you allow yourself to go deeper in God, you will be surprised by how much more there is to Him and His communication with you.

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