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OBSERVER LOCKER ROOM: Is sodomy real in Ugandan football?

Homosexuality talk has dominated the past few weeks in Ugandan football and the ever vibrant locker-room hasn’t been spared;
Vianney: Eh! This homosexuality talk has even got to the FUFA President. He sounded a warning to those involved.
James Tumusiime: But surely, instead of concentrating on sorting our more pertinent problems, we are discussing Homosexuality.
Echwalu: I really can’t say much on the subject because I’m not sure it exists in Ugandan football.

Ssemuwemba: The only guy that I have seen being pinned so far is Charles Ayiekoh. But he looked innocent to me.
Kiggundu: How did you find out when you didn’t sleep in the same room with him?
Vianney: But seriously, Ayiekoh actually insinuated that he was being tarnished by some football people that don’t like him.
Kiggundu: Don’t be fooled by a guy who is trying to show innocence. Investigate the guy and be sure. For now, he’s guilty until proven innocent to me.
Jeff: You enjoy pinning guys Edris but how do you say that the guy is gay when you have no proof?

Vianney: For me my concern is that gay incidents have been talked about in Villa but no official has ever been brought to book.
Lumu: That’s the problem with you jokers…you only stop at ‘someone.’ Why not mention him?
Vianney: Eh, are you ready to defend it in court?
Lumu: Then just shut up and save us from your rumours

Vianney: Anyway…I hope FUFA and Police produce evidence on Ayiekoh to prove his guilt or innocence. Otherwise, no one from FUFA has tackled the Villa talk since.
Zziwa: Well, the issue has always been the lack of evidence.
Ssemujju: There is no way we can let such an immoral act thrive in Uganda. No way. Thank God it’s not at Express but at Villa.
James Tumusiime: What people do in their private lives is their business. Homosexuality isn’t a concern to me.
Sebugwawo: I agree. What an adult decides to do, is his business provided it doesn’t hurt me directly.

Vianney: Just imagine if it was your relative being sodomized. Wouldn’t it matter still?
Sebugwawo: But Vianney, none of them is forced.
Vianney: Maybe not; but they’re manipulated. I hear in Villa, a player who didn’t give in wouldn’t get football boots.
Jeff: Is that true?

Vianney: So I heard. I guess a commission of inquiry ought to be appointed to get info from victims and remove perpetrators.
Sebugwawo: All that is crap. The fact remains no victim has ever come out in the open.
Vianney: Eh, I’m, getting worried about you Bugos…I just hope I’m wrong in my thinking about your sexuality.
Sebugwawo: Haha…why don’t you get me a woman and I prove you wrong?
Vianney: Man…I’ve got married and cannot risk

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