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Kagingo fired, put under police probe

President Museveni has fired Sarah Kagingo, his special assistant for communications, who was responsible for updating his social media platforms, and ordered police chief Kale Kayihura to investigate her.

A press statement issued by deputy press secretary Lindah Nabusayi yesterday, said Kayihura had been directed to investigate allegations that Kagingo ordered the arrest of a person she accused of hacking into the president’s social media accounts and the Htate House website.

Museveni, who is currently visiting Italy, reportedly talked to Kayihura directly on phone, directing him to investigate the matter and report to him.

Also to be investigated are the police officers who reportedly carried out the said arrest.
The directive comes after it emerged that Kagingo had been relieved of her duties.

“I personally suspended Kagingo for misconduct and she does not have any role in handling the State House website or my social media platforms. This is a responsibility that falls under my ICT department,” the president said, according to the press statement.

Kagingo’s sacking and investigation is a culmination of the infighting that rocked state house after she joined not too long ago.

Under ‘State house social media fight deepens’ last Wednesday, The Observer reported that the infighting had escalated to a point where parallel social media accounts had been created.

At the centre of the conflict was who manages the social media accounts, with Kagingo on one side and deputy press secretary Lindah Nabusayi and head of state house ICT Charlotte Turatunga on the other.

President Museveni noted in the statement that nobody in state house or in government has powers to order the arrest of anybody, saying this is the duty of the security agencies.

“It was wrong for the police officers to work on directives of Kagingo. This must be investigated thoroughly to find out why they did it,” he said.

Kagingo is alleged to have caused the arrest of one Joseph Owino and, according to the statement, the president learnt of this through social media and ordered his release.


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