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Finance releases Shs 90bn pension money

The Finance ministry has released up to Shs 90bn in both pension and gratuities for retired central and local government staff.

In a Monday statement detailing the payment, the ministry said that all accounting officers that have not submitted details of staff due for retirement have been given until October 17 to do so.

At least 37 central and 72 local government votes have fully submitted their details and received their money. Another 16 central and 28 local government units have only submitted partial information.

The statement, signed by Permanent Secretary Keith Muhakanizi, notes that if no submissions are made by October 17 in both soft and hard copies, it will be assumed that they do not have any requirement for gratuity.

Following government’s decision to decentralise the budgeting and payment of gratuity, accounting officers were requested to submit details of staff due for retirement in the financial year 2014/15.

The information was to be broken down by payroll category, including primary and secondary school teachers, traditional, and primary health care.

It would also include such details as monthly and annual pension, commuted pension gratuity, contract gratuity and any other gratuities that may apply to staff as indicated by the ministry of Public Service in an August 20, 2014 circular.

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