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UCC gets new board

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has got a new board of directors.

The members, who took oaths before the minister for Information and Communications Technology, John Nasasira, in Kampala on Wednesday, will serve for three years. Nasasira asked the board to internalise the UCC Act 2013, under which they were appointed, in order to dispense their obligations effectively.

“Although the ICT sector has grown, there are still many challenges that you have to handle so that the consumers get a good deal from the commission,” Nasasira said.

Some of the tasks ahead for the board include regulation of the unfair distribution of internet bundles by service providers, supporting the ICT strategic investment plan 2015-2020, promoting untapped local content and extending internet services to rural areas, according to Nasasira.

He commended UCC staff for successfully running the affairs of the commission even without a fully-constituted board for more than two years. The new board, chaired by Dr Vincent B.A Kasangaki, has members Evelyn Gloria Piloya (social worker and representing persons with disabilities), Jane Francis Kabbale (banker), Wardah Rajab Gyagenda (researcher), William Byaruhanga (lawyer), Norah Muliira (ICT specialist), Eng Charles Lwanga (staff, ministry of ICT) and Godfrey Mutabazi, the UCC executive director.

Kasangaki said the board would advise government on the communication sector with utmost diligence and commitment.

“We should be able to talk intelligently and with comfort and confidence about pertinent issues when [we] interface with the general public,” Kasangaki told his members.


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