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Wedding: Rapper Ruyonga does the honourable thing for Agaba

“I and the lady I’m very much in love with are having a baby. I and the lady I’m very much in love with are getting married. These events have not happened in the right and proper order,” Ruyonga posted on social media last September.

He was apologising to the fans and the church for having had sex with his girlfriend outside wedlock, contrary to the values and principles he believed in and walked by.

In a lengthy confession, the gospel rapper said back then: “I am sorry to the fans and those who are and will be disappointed in our actions, and rightly so. I am, however, not sorry that we are having a baby. I am not sorry about who I am having the baby with. I am only sorry that we did not wait and do it at the right and appropriate time. There is no excuse for that.”

Last Saturday, almost a year after that post, none of that was to bother Ruyonga and Agaba as they gazed into each other’s eyes and swore to have and to hold for eternity; together they smiled, laughed and exchanged niceties with their few guests. This was at All Saints cathedral, Nakasero, where hip hop’s good boy Edwin Ruyonga was walking down the aisle with the mother of his baby, Sheila Yvonne Agaba.

The very private ceremony was conducted by Rev Diana Nkesiga on the morning of September 27. In her sermon, Nkesiga urged Ruyonga to involve Agaba in his music and let her inspire him.

“Don’t sing to the audience, just sing to Sheila, she’s your number one fan.”

The reverend also congratulated the couple for letting the church prepare them for the institution even when they (the church) seemed to be delaying the process. In Nkesiga’s view, marriage is hard but has opportunities for the couple to smoothen it out when things go wrong.

“Man, your work as the man is to nourish the family, spiritually and physically. She added. “Manage yourself well and the woman will follow.”

How they met

The two met in 2012 at one of the city churches; they eventually became friends and started hanging out together. From the beginning, Ruyonga knew she was the one and was looking at a picture bigger than a date.

“I wasn’t trying to get a girlfriend but a long-term companion,” he said.

Agaba is a self-employed creative person dealing mostly in interior designs. Before the two embarked on the marriage journey, Ruyonga made decisions to take steps back and withdraw from active music; this was a move intended to protect his unborn baby at the time and Agaba’s privacy. It is because of this that little to nothing is known about the bride.

The ceremony was a private affair only attended by Ruyonga and Agaba’s close friends and relatives; not even the groom’s rap fraternity was on site, and the exclusion continued to their reception venue.


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