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LIFE IN THE MIRACLE WORLD: Let us make good use of Oyadepo's visit

There is a servant of God I have never met but admire a lot from what I have heard from those who interact with him.
That is Nigerian pastor, Bishop David Oyedepo, founder of the Winners Chapels worldwide. Every year, a group of Christians travels to Nigeria in December for an annual summit dubbed ‘Shiloh’ which he organises. I have heard a lot about his ethic of work, his strong mantel of prophecy and how much the ministers of his church understand the God they serve.

Thrice, my pastor has attended Shiloh and he once told of how the ministry of ushering at Bishop Oyedepo’s church is taken as seriously as any other ministry in church, unlike here where many Christians think ushering is a lowly calling compared to others. Usually as soon as an usher here gets blessed financially, he throws the ministry aside and seeks a ‘higher’ calling even when there is none at that time from God.

But I was amused by tales from my pastor about how at one of the conferences they found a very sharply dressed usher attending to delegates at the toilets. He would receive each with a big smile, hand out toilet tissue with a ‘God bless you-oo’ before turning to the next delegate.
But what reportedly shocked the delegates even more was when at the end of the day’s events, they saw this usher and others they had encountered drive home in Mercedes Benzes and Hummers.

How did they retain the humility? It is the way the ministry teaches and the example given by the pastor too.
His sermons and teachings are something else. A man of faith who came from depending solely on God and his wife for putting bread on the table, to becoming the head of the biggest Pentecostal church in Africa (a 50,000-seater auditorium) built on hundreds of acres of land with schools, hospitals, a university – basically a city.
And now Bishop Oyedepo is in Uganda this week. I am excited, no doubt. Of the three days he will be here, surely I can squeeze in at least a day for enlightenment, and I hope so can you.

He is coming to Hotel Africana’s Nile Hall from today May 14 (evening session), May 15 (morning and evening sessions) to May 16 (morning session) for an empowerment summit.
I am sure every Christian needs empowerment in an area of their lives. It could be finances, marriage (I have read very good books by him on submission in marriage), ministry, or other exploits. I don’t think chances like these come that often. All of us may not be in position to make that annual trip to Shiloh, but we can grab this chance with both hands and get something out of the man of God that we can run with for a while like a good fuel.

The Bible says in Thessalonians 5:20, despise not prophecy. I believe there is a Word of God for us through His servant. There is fresh oil for each day, trust me; may be the answers you have looked for, for a long time, have finally been delivered…


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