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Cindy, Davido fire up Kigali

Thousands of Rwandans gathered at the Amahoro national stadium for the 20th liberation anniversary concert called “Niwowe”.

The concert started at 7:30pm with the emcee Anita and singer Tino taking to the stage. For close to one hour, the enthusiastic crowd danced to reggae tunes played by the Dj. This was before a line-up of Rwandan singers, who included: Dream Boys, Bruce Melodie, Urban Boys, Amag the Black and Swagger Boys who took to the stage at 8:30pm.

They sang songs mainly in Kinyarwanda and Swahili – before Uganda’s only representative, Cinderella Sanyu, rocked the stadium. The dancehall queen was ushered in by her official Dj, Joseph of Club Rouge.

By a mere sampling of some of Cindy’s songs, he had the crowd on its feet dancing. Dressed in a black top and red panty, Cindy took to the stage and belted out her songs, which are not new to Rwandans. Songs such as Ayokya Ayokya, Selector, One And Only and Sample dat got the crowd screaming and singing along. One reveller was heard telling another, “Cindy is very fit” because of her dancing antics.

After Cindy’s performance, there was a display of fireworks that lasted for 10 minutes amidst ululations from the crowd. However, to the surprise of many, Davido didn’t come after Cindy. Instead, a group of traditional artistes such as Massamba, Mariya Yohanna, Ras Kayaga, Mani Martin, Tom Close and Eric Mucyo took to the stage, belting out patriotism songs –before traditional dancers later ushered in Rwandan artiste, Jay Polly.

It was at 10:05pm that the long- awaited Davido hit the stage. Backed by his band, he performed a lot of songs that he released earlier in his career. But the crowd couldn’t wait for the songs that they are familiar with. And whenever he asked them what song to perform next, the crowd screamed Gobe, Skelewu, Aye and Number One.

At some stage during his performance, he jumped off stage to go into the crowd but was immediately taken back to stage by the security. Davido’s performance that lasted close to 45 minutes was the final performance of the night. Davido was welcomed at the Kigali airport by the President Paul Kagame together with his wife and two children for a concert that was free for every Rwandan to celebrate the 20th Liberation anniversary.

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