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Ntale tops Buzz Teens nominees

It may be a month to the 2014 Mountain Dew Buzz Teens awards, but the nomination list has already started making the rounds on social media platforms.

The awards ceremony will be held May 3 at the Kati Kati gardens. Topping the nomination list is Swangz Avenue’s Irene Ntale with six nominations, followed by new-girl-on-the-block Fille side by side with Khalifa AgaNaga.

The trio had crowds eating out of their hands in 2013, when they jumped out of the shadows and became mainstays on the entertainment scene. Ntale was signed on to replace fallen singer Serah by the Muyenga-based music makers. To many, Serah’s shoes seemed too big for Ntale but she has shown that she has equally big feet.

She dropped her Love Letter with Bebe Cool, then Nkubukinze and Stay With Me. All became, and still are, big hits. Fille, who came out of nowhere with her mixture of soul and R&B, had the ladies screaming with He’s Got No Money and Where Have You Been.

She follows with three nominations and so does Khalifa AgaNaga, the man who used up his Makerere University tuition fees in 2012 to record and shoot a video.

Khalifa’s free-flowing dancehall style made him a darling for many teenagers and he has since graced a number of functions at various schools, with his Oyitangayo and the We Are Better Than them collabo with Irene Namubiru. He and Fille even got themselves into the Club Silk Unplugged slot for the first time, within just two years of business.

Teeniez Male Artiste

1. Mun* G
2. Bebe cool
3. Khalifa AgaNaga
4. Goodlyfe

Teeniez Female Artiste

1. Fille
2. Irene Ntale
3. Cindy
4. Rema

Teeniez Wickedest DJ
1. Deejay Mark
2. Deejay Roger
3. Deejay Aluda
4. Deejay Shiru

Teeniez Gospel Artiste
1. Ruyonga
2. Pr Wilson Bugembe
3. Judith Babirye
4. Copy Bly

Teeniez Flyest Video

1. Stay With Me
2. Tubonge
3. Stress Free
4. Frontline

Teeniez Hottest Riddim
1. Amaaso - Goodlyfe
2. Sejjusa - Mun *G
3. Oyitangayo – Khalifa AgaNaga
4. Fire Tonight - Rema

Teeniez Hottest Gospel Song
1. Prophecy - Exodus
2. Sida Mukyaalo - Copy Bly
3. Favour - Judith Babirye
4. Tutuuse – Ruyonga

Teeniez Hottest Collabo
1. Amaaso
2. Clean and Out
3. Born Fighter
4. Love Letter

Teeniez Hottest Hip hop song

1. Love Story - St Nellysade
2. Kata - Navio
3. Nembyelabila
4. Zukuka

Teeniez Beatmaker
1. Washington
2. Nash [Swangz Avenue]
3.  Nash Wonder
4. Ande Music

Teeniez Top Hood Rapper
1. Don MC
2. Big Trill
3. Navio
4. Ruyonga

Teeniez Breakout Artiste
1. Fille
2. Irene Ntale
3. Khalifa AgaNaga
4. Santana

Teeniez Rn’B Artiste

1. Iryn Ntale
2. Maro
3. Rema
4. Fille

Teeniez Dancehall Artiste/Group

1. Khalifa AgaNaga
2. Rabadaba
3. Young Mulo
4. Peter Miles

Teeniez Teen TV Show Presenter
1. MC Talha
2. Sasha
3. Kleith Katuhaire
4. Jerome
5. Sheila Gashumba

Teeniez Hottest TV Personality
1. Mosha
2. MC Kats
3. Kleith Kyatuhaire
4. Douglas Lwanga

Teeniez Hottest Radio Personality
1. Dj Gero
2. Big Kahuna
3. Denzel
4. Flavia Tumusiime

Teeniez TV show
1. Teens Club - WBS
2. Spotlyt - UBC
3. T-Nation - NTV
4. Expozed - NTV

Teeniez TV Station
1. Urban TV
2. WBS
3. NTV
4. NBS

Nisisi Award
1. Oyogela Bubi- Santana
2. Politics- Irene Ntale
3. Twefeeko- Micheal Ross
4. Obuvunanyizibwa- Bebe Cool

Teeniez Funkiest FM Station
1. Xfm
2. Hot 100
3. Galaxy FM
4. Radio city

Teeniez Male Team
1. Hana Mixed Rugby Team
2. St Juliana football team
3. St Mary’s Kitende football team
4. Anchors rugby team Namilyango College  

Teeniez Female Team
1. Nabisunsa netball team
2. Kibuli Girls basketball team
3. Kitende Girls basketball team
4. Nabisunsa basketball team

Teeniez Male Sports personality

1. Alfred Leku   
2. Moses Ojok
3. Kevin Kelemundo
4. Edson Turyabagye

Teeniez Female Sports personality

1. Saharu Nambaziira
2. Ritah [captain] - Nabisunsa
3. Beretina Anakur - St Joseph’s Nsambya
4.  Zurah Nkoire - Nabisunsa

Teeniez male MVP [basketball]
1. Mike Madol - St Mary’s Kitende
2. Aaron Ojo - Seeta High School
3. Macko Mwesigwa - Makerere College
4. Kevin Kalule - Smack

Teeniez female MVP [basketball]

1. Saharu Nambaziira
2. Zurah Nkoire - Nabisunsa Girls
3. Sumayah Hasahya – Kibuli SS
4. Pauline Agaba - Trinity College Nabbingo

Teeniez best Rugger Player
1. Kevin Kelemundo - Hana Mixed
2. Sebastian Jjuuko - Namilyango College  
3. Maurice Loma - Greenhill Academy
4. Isaac Ogwak - Smack


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