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General Mega Dee in radio venture

We have seen many young musicians diversify from merely singing into other businesses. Ragga Dee, a while back tried to venture into nightclub management and road construction.

Bobi Wine is reported to have set up for his wife Barbie a shop that deals in imported lamps and other accessories.
She is not heard of a lot these days and it might be because Winnie Munyenga has discovered that selling phones in BCE Brothers at her hubby’s side is more lucrative than singing.
Now Amos Kigenyi, a.k.a General Mega Dee, has also jumped onto the bandwagon. 
The self-styled ‘Uganda’s first singing general,’ along with a number of partners is opening up an online radio called www.munau.com .

A radio whose idea General Mega Dee explains is borrowed from www.ConectUganda.com based in Germany.
One of General Mega Dee’s partners and a director of Munau.com, Edris Bukenya, says, “We are targeting the Diaspora and Ugandans here who wish to sell themselves to the Diaspora. In these countries where these people live, the internet has become the main means of communication and anyone who hopes to reach them effectively has to go through the internet.”

From his musical tours abroad, Mega Dee, has seen first hand that “Ugandans who live in Europe are thirsty to know what is happening in Uganda. My partners and I saw that there is an untapped field in radio online.”
Mega Dee says Munau.com will be playing 98% Ugandan music and talking about Ugandan culture.

“My main target is the cultural development of Uganda and exposing Ugandan artistes to the foreign market. We have to learn how to sell our culture to the rest of the world. Look at how Jamaica has sold its culture. Now you find people fighting to speak Jamaican like they are Jamaicans simply because Jamaica has sold itself to the world very well,” he said.
The 24-hour radio will have normal FM programming. People will be able to call in live and express themselves.


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