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Don’t get men for me – minister

A husband hunt for her by a loving electorate has angered Tororo Woman MP Sarah Achieng Opendi.

Opendi, the minister of state for Primary Health Care, made her displeasure known during a meeting with district leaders in Tororo on January 21.

The district leaders who are cultural enthusiasts deem an unmarried woman incomplete.

“I’m warning you, stop giving me men and husbands. I have eyes but I have not seen any man in Tororo suitable for me,” she warned.

Some of Opendi’s voters had hoped that Opendi would be married by the last election in 2011, but that did not happen, and there is concern this could work against her in 2016.

Her marriage, or the lack of it, has become popular bar talk, as possible husbands are discussed and endorsed or dismissed. But Opendi cautioned the district leaders against discussing her marriage instead of delivering services to the people.

“You first gave me [Jacob] Oboth-Oboth [MP for West Budama South]; before I could rest, you gave me Emmanuel Osuna the district chairman, and now I hear you have unanimously given me Onyango Emokol, the chairman of the District Land Board,” Opendi said.

She told the amused district chamber that some people had even started planning her traditional introduction ceremony.

“You people, I have eyes and a heart able to love and choose a man for myself, why should you get involved in matters that don’t concern you?” she charged, as the officials burst into laughter.

As she mused about who the next candidate would be, the Resident District Commissioner Ddamulira Kyeyune said he had been nominated, throwing the meeting in even more laughter. Unable to stop the meeting from laughing at her plight, the minister turned her attention to other matters, citing the poor condition of roads.

Opendi urged the Uganda National Roads Authority to speed up its work, narrating how her heart bleeds whenever she looks at the road to her home. Opendi also warned residents against Hepatitis E, urging them to improve hygiene in the area.

However, the district Education officer, Yona Gamusi Doya, assured Opendi that the sanitation and latrine coverage in Tororo schools is at 85 per cent, with most of the schools well ventilated and pit latrines equipped with functioning hand washing facilities.


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