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Wolokoso: Knowledgeable Mbabazi

He is the prime minister of Uganda and secretary general (SG) of the ruling National Resistance Movement.

And despite calls by sections of party members that he steps down as SG, given his demanding PM job, Amama Mbabazi  has held on to the two jobs. But for a super minister that is Mbabazi, why would one think that two offices are too much work?

Like he told Parliament last week, Mbabazi is a knowledgeable man who has a record of all government business on his head, and needs no preparations to respond to any questions concerning government business.

“I am here and always ready. You know very well that I am a knowledgeable man and there is no question I can’t ably answer and extensively,” Mbabazi said, as opposition MPs pushed for the enforcement of Rule 34 of Parliament’s Rules of Procedure.

But when push came to shove, Mbabazi was seen consulting some ministers when confronted with challenging questions.

Kadaga won’t dance to Ssebaggala’s tune

Although Rebecca Kadaga is a largely popular speaker among MPs, she showed last week that she can play hard ball when she means to.

As Buganda Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga visited Parliament, MC Latif Ssebaggala asked the speaker to spice the occasions with a Kiganda dance. Some people had already started taking up positions to be able to see the mother of all jigs, but it was not to be.

“I can’t dance,” said Kadaga, who spoke after Mayiga.

Well, well, Wolokoso swears the speaker can dance like the proverbial caterpillar. Perhaps she had not carried her dance shoes.

Najjemba: Rosemary becomes Mariam

Junior Urban Development Minister Rosemary Najjemba has modified her name, apparently to suit her recent marriage to former Bukoto South MP Muhammad Muyanja Mbabaali.

Formerly Rosemary Najjemba Muyinda, the Gomba MP lately prefers being called Mariam Najjemba Mbabaali.

“The name Rosemary was modified to Mariam, because I had to give it an Arabic modification, and I ceased being Muyinda, no one should call me by that name,” she was overheard telling colleagues at Parliament.

The modification was first announced by the parliamentary Imaam, Hajji Abdul- Latif Ssebaggala, while emceeing during Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga’s visit to Parliament last Tuesday.

Unconfirmed reports have told Wolokoso that the Muslim community is so excited about Najjemba’s new identity that some Muslims reportedly want her to get a complete Arabic modification to her name Rosemary, by adopting the name War’da, which in Arabic, means a rose.

Ugandan envoy meets the Queen

Uganda’s new high commissioner in London, Her Excellency Prof Joyce Kakuramatsi  Kikafunda, last week presented her credentials  to Queen Elizabeth II.  Wolokoso has heard the professor was the toast of the day, as she rocked in her Kinyankore busuuti.

After the presentation, Kikafunda hosted guests to a luncheon at the Hyatt Regency, The Churchill, London.  The event was graced by diplomats from the UK, Malawi,  Ethiopia,  Botswana, and Sudan, among others.

Kikafunda outlined her plans, which centred on promoting commercial diplomacy, trade and investment and tourism.  She finally proposed a toast to Queen Elizabeth and President Museveni.

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