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Another Rwanda night in Kampala

Since the launch of the East African community (EAC), countries have tried different strides to promote unity among member states.

From football competitions to trade unions and entertainment collaborations, the community is struggling to get there. On March 9, Imbaraga East African radio, an internet-based station, staged the second Rwanda night in Kampala.

The night codenamed Berwa, was at Club Amnesia in a fun-filled setting. Berwa is aimed at promoting Rwandan culture, music and artistes in Uganda. One of Rwanda’s best singing duo of Platini and TMC, also known as Dream Boys, was on board to entertain patrons.

The dream boys have toured and performed in many African countries. They have three albums under their belt, a Pearl of Africa Music award and a couple of other awards.

“Uganda is like our second home; we usually come to work with Ugandan producers,” said Platini.

They are currently working on two songs, Jugu Jugu and Narashatse, with producers Rimex and Washington, respectively. They have since collaborated with Eddy Kenzo and promise more works with Ugandan artistes.

“We are planning a duet with Bebe Cool; we appreciate his style and we also work with his producer,” says TMC.

The boys have such a following that on arrival, they were ambushed by girls from all corners; some simply wanted to touch them. The night was designed to bring Rwanda to Uganda – the flags, music, language – even the ushers were dressed in the Kinyarwanda traditional wear.

The club was filled to capacity, making movement difficult. The Dream Boys thrilled the crowd with songs such as Bella, Impfabusa, Isano, Isezerano and my personal favourite, No One Like Me, a collabo with Kenzo.

According to Grace Mbabazi, the public relations officer of Imbaraga East African radio, Berwa means ‘something good’.

“The show will be monthly and we shall keep bringing different Rwandan artistes to Uganda,” she said.

Berwa night was sponsored by Air Uganda, Galaxy FM, Blue Cube and Rwandair.


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