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Lyrical G now drops grown-man view

For a teenager who spends his afternoons listening to rap on Hot 100, Radio City or X fm, the name Lyrical G may not easily click.

Yet what this kid doesn’t know is that, before Navio promised in Naawulira, before Keko learnt How We Do It or Big Trill Pushed Harder, hip hop had its lyrical genius in Jeff Kintu. Jeff aka Lyrical G (genius) is one of the rap/hip hop genre pioneers in Uganda. He’s a double Pearl of Africa Music award winner who has locally collaborated with Julianna, Mesach, Blu*3, Annet Nandujja, Peter Miles and Steve Jean, among others.

And this Friday (March 8), Lyrical G will be releasing his seventh album, Grown Man Talk. The album is dropping on the date that doubles as his 35th birthday.

“The album is celebrating my career from the time I came out with Bataka up to now,” he says.
“I want people to tell the difference between a 25-year-old and a 35-year-old Lyrical G,” he adds.

The inspirational album focuses on the struggles of the youth, partying and Lyrical G growing up. Lyrical G uses his intro to defend his career path as a rapper. Further into it, he mourns his mother.

“I had a very close relationship with my mother; so, I continuously pay tribute to her using my music. I want to make her proud,” he says.

The album also has songs such as Hey Girl, on which he shows off his versatility by singing his own hooks, verse as well as rap. Have Mercy is a hip hop/reggae fusion with Kemishan and Nutty Boi; it is a danceable song that will definitely get many on the dance floor. Survivor is a song about struggle and has cameos of Black, I am Enygma and Tasha.

At 35, Lyrical G has an 18-month-old boy and like all proud fathers, he did a song with his son and for him. The song features sounds of his son, Jarl, trying to speak, and he named it Daddy Loves You; Song for Jarl. The 13-track album has more than one highlight; the project features some of the strongest lyrical verses the Ugandan audience has ever heard.

Cypher 2013, for example, features some of the most talented underground rappers in the industry, such as St Nellysade, Jhay Efekts, Rugged and Crac. His collaboration with Big Trill, So Crazy, is a typical blend of old and new skool rap. He sums it up with Monster, his MC track – the most important song on any rap album.

“An MC track is a battle song; all rappers have such songs where they assure other rappers, calling them whack,” he says.

The album was produced by rappers Easy Tex, Lyrical G, J.T of Yego studios and Urban Accent Music under his GMC entertainment. Grown Man Talk is meant to inspire young rappers.

“I am talking from a grown man’s perspective; the upcoming rappers should keep their heads on their shoulders. If they have a dream, let them go ahead to chase it,” he says.


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