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Campus Rave wakes up Nkozi

When our van pulled into the gates of Bossa hostel at Uganda Matyrs University Nkozi, last Friday, all didn’t seem well.

There was no electricity and there were no signs of the big party we had come to attend. For a moment, I thought we had walked into the wrong place. But on getting closer, the music was playing; DJs Ricky and Mark were at work on the wheels of steel – mixing the latest videos on the LCD screens. Their magic was not working. The residents of the best hostel at the university were busy with their business as usual.

The girls clad in their hot pants were more concerned with washing what they had worn the previous day (Valentine’s day) than the action in their compound. Even when MC Kats took to the stage, his hype could not work. They ignored the free Bell lager and T-shirts on stage. The students chose to follow the action from the comfort of their balconies.

How somebody travels to your village school, brings a promo of buy-one-and-get-one-free, with two DJs and a top-notch MC and you stay glued to your balcony, defeated my understanding. We had to wait until around 11pm when their own rappers, Isaac and J-Dub, decided to drop some rhymes on the mic. Just when I had ruled out these ‘villagers’ for being poor at partying, all it took was not some ‘celeb’ from the city, but their own homeboys.

The sure thing is that they fear lights and cameras and only two babes were bold enough to step on the stage and shake what their mamas gave them. They walked away with cash prizes. The boys rule this side of the world because there is no party without them starting it. Swangz Avenues’ Vampino performed almost all his hits around midnight. He is not the HiPipo Music Awards best stage performer for nothing.

Uganda Breweries Limited under their flagship brand Bell Lager is holding these fun-packed parties dubbed Campus Rave under the theme, ‘Bell Nation’. The next stop is Mbarara University of Science and Technology.


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