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LIFE IN THE MIRACLE WORLD: How ready are you for ministry?

I was watching one of Pastor Benny Hinn’s fire conferences in Dallas, Texas, and I was moved. So much so that I rushed to grab a book and pen!

He was talking about a subject that plagues many. And because of the complexity of it, many drop out along the way and never realise what God meant for them.
The subject was ‘Preparing for Ministry’.

And he gave ten things God will test you with before He commissions you to go out and serve Him. If you pass the test, perfect. If you don’t, sad!
Benny Hinn said God will test you by putting you on the shelf. How you behave while on the shelf and how you take that humbling time in your life will determine how soon, and at what level you get into ministry.
“Time buys faith,” he said. “God tests all He calls with time.”

It may be even something material that you have been waiting for from God, and it seems to take forever to get here. For some it is children, for others marriage and yet for others, healing. You are on God’s shelf. You can sit on that shelf and grumble, or you can sit on it and worship. Your choice.
Abraham waited 25 years for Isaac. He tried his luck with Ishmael and it did not work. God’s promise to Abraham was to come to fulfilment strictly through Isaac.

Benny Hinn said God also tests us with His Word. For every minister, there will come a time when all you have to hang in there is God’s Word.
God wants us to get to a point where we can refer to nothing else but His word. When the storms hit, He wants you to say “But you said in Luke 10:19 that…” or “Lord you are not a son of man that you should lie…”
It could be a word of prophecy you hang on to for dear life, or Scripture or promises He has issued in dreams and visions. When no one else understands your actions and resilience, you have the Word as a witness.
“A whole lot of time, if you are called of God, the Word of God will test you; you will be betrayed, forgotten, ignored, and you will end up in a pit,” Benny Hinn said.

All these tests are supposed to glorify Him. If you have not passed these tests, it means your flesh is still too strong and your spirit too weak for ministry. And if your flesh is too strong, you may say when God finally does wonderful things that “I did it”.
Benny Hinn also said God tests us with the way we deal with or serve under the people He has placed us under. The spiritual leader.
How are you as a servant? Too proud to take criticism? Self-seeking?
“God watches how well you serve the man of God before He chooses you to follow in the man of God’s footsteps,” he said.

The tests are ten that he listed, but the rest somehow fall under these three that struck a deep chord with me.
Don’t rush to bind demons; sometimes it is God at work in you. Just trust Him and His Word.

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