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Celebrating the men behind successful women

They are rich, powerful, beautiful, intelligent and larger than life. We can only imagine the men who they go home to after their demanding lives.

Who rubs Jennifer Musisi’s shoulder at the end of a long day running after taxi men? Who tells her everything will be okay and gives her the strength to go another day? Who wipes away Turinawe’s tears of tear gas? And who helps Grace Nakimera out of those high heels when she gets home? Meet the unsung heroes behind some of the most successful women in Uganda.

Jackson Turinawe: Ingrid’s knight in shining armour

He bails out Ingrid Turinawe whenever the long hand of government catches up with her. Dubbed the FDC iron woman, Ingrid Turinawe will strip for a cause she is passionate about. Lucky for her, she has a man just as passionate to hold her down when things are going wild.

Every now and then, Jackson chips in to ensure his wife lives to see another day. This steadfast businessman is Ingrid’s very own modern-day knight in shining armour - always ready to whisk her off when the bad beast appears.

Fred Musisi: Oiling the wheels of Kampala city

Talk about balls of iron. What else does it take to stay with the iron lady at whose name every filthy piece of dirt in Kampala must move over and make way for fresh flowers and working sewers? For the one year Executive Director of KCCA, Jennifer Musisi, has been in office, there has been remarkable change.

She has done what the men have for decades failed to do. And Fred Musisi is the man who gets this tough beauty all mellow. An engineer, he sure knows the right oils to get Musisi’s wheels going as she goes out to face yet another day in an arena hitherto dominated by men.

Mohan Kiwanuka: Maria’s wealthy beau

He might have once been listed as one of the wealthiest men in Uganda, but when we think Kiwanuka, we think Minister of Finance Maria Kiwanuka. The Kiwanukas like to keep their life private, but one thing is clear, Mohan is the kind of man who has it all - a great wife, children and money to spend on them. No need to throw it in anyone’s face, the Bad Black way.

Paul Kagina: A principled husband to Allen

Uganda Revenue Authority boss shines and Paul dares not steal this shine. One of the carriers of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) revolution, you need not see beyond his patriotism and loyalty to his wife to know that he is the kind of man career women can only dream of.

Andre Ringen: Capturing Nakimera’s beautiful moments

So it has been rumoured that their marriage is on the rocks? But so what? Which marriage does not have its share of rocks and hills? And how much worthy are the rocks if your wife is a sexy siren, a diva with no equal on the Pearl of Africa. He might photograph sexy models all day, but Andre Ringen always finds his way home to Grace Nakimera, inspiring her to give us more and more sexy hits to wriggle to.

John Bagunywa Sebutinde: Holding down a Justice

If one of the greatest jurists the country has ever produced is a woman with a husband and children, then maybe, just maybe, women can have it all - looks, career and a husband who is content to just be there and support you. Sebutinde is husband to Justice Julia Sebutinde, currently serving as a judge on the International Court of Justice, the first African woman to sit on this  world court.

The no-nonsense woman of the bench is most remembered for presiding over the hard-hitting commission of inquiry into corruption in the Uganda police force in 1999.

Joe Oloka-Onyango: Tamale’s equal

Listening to her talk, most men hang their heads (or whatever else they can hang) and then escape for dear life. But not her husband, Joe, who sealed a love story that started way back at university by putting a ring on it. With equal brains, wit and killer looks, let’s just say without him, Tamale might have been the star in one media house’s version of Beautiful but Unlucky. But with him by her side, she can fight the good fight knowing she has a good thing tacked away.

Henry Bakireke: The love of Nambooze’s life

And he is not in it for the gallons of make-up she wears or for a sweet dinner every night….  MP Nambooze is just not that kind of woman. But love her he does. For the all-natural, outgoing, life-risking politician she is.

They recently celebrated 10 years, and it is clear that Bakireke would marry Nambooze over and over again. Some say he is addicted to the thrill of being with a woman who might mysteriously disappear anytime, or call from prison when you expect her to walk in the door from work. But for the Bakirekes, it is love, love and love alone.

Nekemiah Matembe: Getting Miria high

Miria Matembe will tell you that she is the best wife a man could wish for. But it takes two, right? And Nekemiah Matembe, a chemist, is a great husband too. He has to be! Where most men only see a woman whose vocal chords would send them fleeing, Nekemiah has found his best half for life.

While he mixes concoctions quietly in the laboratory, she cannot help but inhale the fumes - getting high on his supportive silence and taking on a world oblivious to women’s rights - with success. It is hard to imagine a better combination.


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