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The Life premieres

The Life, one of the latest from Uganda’s film industry, was premiered on December 19, at Gato Mato in Bugolobi.

The event received a sizeable attendance and everybody was treated as a VIP no matter the ticket one had purchased. The red-carpet evening was graced by the cream of Uganda’s entertainment industry and film enthusiasts. Klear Kut was fully represented with The Mith even fully suited up! It’s the first time I saw Ruyonga wearing a suit and tie with a date by his side. The team from Swangz Avenue was present to show support to one of their own – Vampino, one of the film’s stars.

Aroma band provided the night’s entertainment; their lead singer has an amazing voice!

The film’s writer and director, petroleum engineer Nana Kagga of Savannah Moon Films, describes the movie as one about the betrayal and devastation that occurs within a circle of friends on the journey to pursue their dream lifestyle. It is set on the Kampala urban landscape, that is the Uganda music industry and the story is told through the narrative of an outsider. It was shot in Kampala in 2010.

Gasuza Lwanga plays Tendo aka Jaguar, in the lead role. Being a music producer and singer, he brought originality and real life experiences in the Kampala music scene to the film.  Nekesa (Iryn Naddamba) is his loving stay-at-home fiancée while he is busy making out with Vixen (Annet Namukasa) whose album he is producing as she tries to break out onto the music scene.  Jaguar likes Vixen because she is his ‘ride or die chick.’

Vampino, Tibba Murungi, Boxa Franklyn, Maureen Jolly and Susan Nava who plays the reporter, are some of the stars. The cast does a good job since it’s only Tibba Murungi and Boxa Franklyn that are the seasoned actors with appearances in both TV and film. The movie has been given a PG 18 rating in the US and I hope it will be the same here, because of some of its quite heavy adult scenes.

It also has some parts in Luganda with English subtitles. Plans are underway to bring the 90-minute film to a theatre near you.


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