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Mun*G’s show: hip hop great is born

Emmanuel Matovu Mungi aka Mun*G’s maiden concert last Friday at Kati Kati gardens was a shocker. A pleasant one.

Mun*G has been afraid of holding a concert, since he broke out in 2008. Last year he wanted to launch his Gira Tugire single, but he chickened out and switched his focus to his other wonder hit, Kyaba Too Much which rocked the country and even earned him a contract with telecom company, Airtel Uganda.

Despite earning quite handsomely from Kyaba Too Much, when it came to holding a concert, the story was still the same: “I am not good enough to hold a concert.”

But inside the Masaka-born-and-bred singer, a steady conviction couldn’t play second fiddle anymore. He wanted to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a superstar.  However, the timing of the show seemed disastrous; Jamaican stars Demarco, Wayne Wonder and Kenya’s Mad Traxx had flopped in town two weeks earlier.

American star Sisqo had not been any luckier with the crowds the following week. But Mun*G still took the gamble. By 8:30pm, the crowd was small and some patrons were heard wondering how a musician could be so stupid to hold a concert at this time.

But Mun*G was confident; he refused to sell it to event organizers, opting to trust his Baboon Forest boss GNL Zamba to call the shots. He had Fenon Entertainment doing his stage, sound and lights, and they did an amazing job with Netriq band (a collection of members from different bands).

Like the title track of the  album goes, Namalayo [I have arrived], the numbers grew with each curtain raiser, from Shamie of Maisha dancers to Lyrical G, Young Mullah, Navio, Swangz Avenue’s Viboyo and Vampino, before GNL set the stage for the main act.

It didn’t matter that Julianna and the Goodlyfe duo of Mowzey Radio and Weasel didn’t show up; at 10:30pm when Mun*G stepped on stage, Kati Kati was full. Mun*G wearing white, was full of energy with Big Trill backing him as he performed Kiri Obvious, Ebintu, Speaking In Tongues and Pushing Hard.

The performance was spiced up by designer Latif who designed and tailored a beach costume on stage as Mun* G performed, and a model put the piece on right away and showed off her assets.

Mun*G took a break and on his return – wearing a sports outfit – did Fallen Heroes, a tribute to Mr. X (R.I.P) and other fallen music icons. The song features The Mith, Navio, Naava, Big Trill, GNL, Vampino and Viboyo.

He changed to a black sweat shirt and performed Champion, where he features Naava Grey. The song about believing that one can achieve anything was also the crowd’s favourite. Then there was One Blood, featuring Enygma, The Mith, Viboyo and Naava.

Towards the end an elated Mun*G called up his mother to the stage, who thanked the fans for not letting down her son. It was quite emotional with Mun*G introducing members of his family who were in the audience.

Unlike other shows where they auction the artiste’s album, it was Mun*G’s portrait on auction. He wound up with Namalayo.

Not many artistes boast success at a maiden concert, but Mun*G is definitely destined for hip hop greatness.


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