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Take Five: Moses Nsubuga, a.k.a Viboyo,

Moses Nsubuga, a.k.a Viboyo, has been in the music industry for a decade. The musician, whose name stands for Vision Beyond Your Own, recently released Ajooga and Zina, securing him a place on top of the charts. He has also written songs for artistes like Bella, Gift of Kaddo and Jackie Chandiru. Viboyo filed five questions with Joseph Kimbowa about the music industry.

Which kind of music are you good at?

Hip hop. For the last 14 years, I have been inspired by 2pac and Eminem. I’m among hip hop’s pioneers in Uganda but these days I diversify with a mix of Afro pop and Kwaito. With this combination, I have come up with my own style called Boyo Music Style (BMS).

As a hip hop pioneer, what is the industry like today and why did you change/run to BMS?

The industry has amazingly grown. People have come to accept all music genres. I changed my style because I felt a need to reach more people. With BMS, I can sing and rap without sticking to one. It involves a wide word play and syllable twists.

Why has it taken you long to break through?

I almost had a breakthrough in 2004 but then I took a break from music and concentrated on writing and promoting others. I then came back in 2008 with Music Africa, which got a great reception, then Nyumbani, Keep Striving, Mr DJ and Whistle Song. I have been working on my forthcoming album for four years and it’s going to be a blast.

Do you think you have been successful?

Well, I have been unlucky to some extent but things are starting to look good. My next album has 22 songs and I believe this is my time to shine.

What else do you do other than music?

Apart from music, I’m a line producer with Swangz Video and also manage a music shop, Sound Room, on Sunset arcade.


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