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Ndagire opens Tanuulu

As Uganda rises to embrace local cinema, some big names in the entertainment industry have also risen to answer the call.

Mariam Ndagire of Mariam Ndagire Film and Performing Arts Centre (MDFPAC) is one such entertainer.

She has set up a tanuulu (furnace) – a competition that will see writers, producers and actors competing to have their works showing on TV stations. The writers and producers, alumni of MDFPAC, have already completed a 10-day orientation, whereby five short movies have been selected.

They include: Bloody Sunset written and directed by Hakim Bigaruka; My Wedding Day by Julian Nabunya and The Cell by Saddam Ssejemba. The other selected short movies are Shock written by Ivan Ssewava and directed by Margret Nantumbwe; and Smart Attempt written by Abel Mwesigwa and Julian Nabunya and directed by Usama Mukwaya.

Ndagire, the principal of MDFPAC, said Tanuulu has been well received and has also boosted the 2012 intake at her school, located at Bat Valley primary school. It now has 60 students.

“As we clock 50 years of independence, all sectors must be moving at the same pace; the reason we are applying our effort to see that the industry grows bigger and stronger,” she said.

The competition targets young people who need guidance to improve their talent and earn from their sweat.


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