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Star Trail: Sematimba invades Kigali

He may have lost out on his mayoral bid, but Pastor Peter Sematimba is certainly not losing his command of business.

Word reaching Star Trail is that Sematimba will soon be opening up a radio station in the Rwandan capital Kigali in a month’s time.  Our source tells us that Sematimba employed researchers to find out the A-Z of successful radio business in Kigali and was satisfied with the findings, thus deciding to open up Super Kigali FM. Good for you Sema; never say die!

Who are the Ugandan BBA housemates?

It is that time of the year again. The auditions are over and MultiChoice Uganda is playing its cards close to its chest about who Uganda’s representatives in the Big Brother Africa house will be. The popular reality show which launches on May 6 is this time taking two contestants per country – entering as one team – to jostle for the $300,000 grand prize.

And now the disappearance of Kombat dancers Michael Kasaija and girlfriend Natasha Sinayobye off the social scene has sparked off rumours that the two are the chosen ones for Biggie’s house. As usual, MultiChoice wants to give us a surprise, but man, we are The Observer, right?

Michael who has of late been part of the Ebonies cast at Theatre La Bonita, is now conspicuously missing on stage. Then there is that mysterious posting on Natasha’s Facebook wall on April 4 simply saying, “Prayers???…” And another on April 9 by one of her Facebook friends saying: “Let me hope you did the right thing. Lol.”

Well, well. We could be wrong, but just saying…! Last year, Natasha and Michael’s former colleague at Obsessions, Sharon Salmon Nalukenge, was one of Uganda’s representatives, coming in at a respectable fifth.

UG for Beverly Hills setting

If all goes according to plan, then our dear Pearl of Africa will get a Beverly Hills-style makeover. A close source at Jomayi Property Consultants tells Star Trail that the company is gazetting land in Makindye, a Kampala suburb, where local celebrities and top money bags can buy plots of land and have mega cribs built there for them.

Talk about Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, Alex Ndaula, Sylvia Owori, Zari, Judith Heard, Chameleone, Goodlyfe and the like all staying in the same village. Huh! And then the fights would start in earnest, as famous neighbour A punches the living daylights out of rival famous neighbour C, while on the other side of the village, diva neighbour Q is embroiled in a catfight with her equally moneyed rival. Sigh! Should all go as planned, would Bad Black and Meddie Sentongo make the cut though? That’s life mwattu!

Observer journalists nominated for award

The Observer entertainment scribes Abu-Baker Mulumba and Polly Kamukama are among five journalists nominated for the Best Film Journalist category for the May-slated Pearl International Film Festival (PIFF) – the most glamorous local film awards. It was, however, surprising that The Observer missed out in the Best Film-promoting Media category, having produced two nominees for the former category. Both Mulumba and Kamukama have been outstanding in covering and analysing film-related issues. May both of them win!

Goodlyfe blame Chameleone for denied UK visa

The Goodlyfe crew is cursing mentor-turned-nemesis Jose Chameleone, for a suspected hand in their rejection for a visa to the UK. Chameleone, who had spent six years without going to UK, was granted a visa together with Papa Cidy and AK 47 to perform over Easter. The Goodlyfe crew that comprises Mowzey Radio, Weasel and Diamond Oscar among others, was not as lucky.

One of them was overheard saying Chameleone feared he would not get the reception he expected if they were also in London and saw to it that they don’t go to steal his thunder. Aha!  Just like George Orwell’s character Snowball in the book Animal Farm, looks like there is always a ready scapegoat in Chameleone.

Lillian pregnant

It seems Blu3 singer Lillian Mbabazi (Pictured right)wants to be done with giving the labour suite business very soon. The latest we have about the Danger singer is that she is pregnant again after giving birth to a baby boy a couple of years back. Close friends who work with her at Radio City have told Star Trail that the beauty has confirmed that she is with child and that the father is none other than the silk-voiced Goodlyfe singer, Mowzey Radio. Radio is also the father to her first son, Asanti Manzi.

David Lutalo in brawl

As many were celebrating Easter, the same was not the case with Kapapala singer David Lutalo. The singer was involved in a bloody brawl with a boda boda rider at Nansana-based Jenina hotel on Easter Sunday after his performance. An over-enthusiastic, drunken boda boda rider wanted to greet Lutalo only for the unamused singer to push him away resulting into a bad fall. The drunken rider threw a beer bottle at Lutalo and a fight broke out between the two. Lutalo was saved by show goers who pulled the boda guy away.  

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