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Omony, successful plus-size model

In a world where modelling is associated with slim, tall and slender women, it takes courage for a plus-size model to join it.

Sunday Omony is a plus-size model with courage and a curvy body, fit for the catwalk. Omony believes the difference between a straight-size and plus-size models is the measurements. And she loves modelling because she does not have to change her body.

Plus-size models are usually tall and Omony stands at five feet and nine inches. Her shoe and dress sizes are 10 and 16, respectively. Her waist constriction is 32 inches and 38 inch-bust, which makes her curvy and full-figured.

“Plus-sized models generally have the same types of job opportunities as a straight-sized model. Jobs may include runway, fit modelling, commercial, magazine editorials, advertising, among others,” Omony explains

Born in Kitgum district, Omony did not know she would grace the catwalk and feature in FabAfriq magazine, Tropics magazine in South Africa, Mimi, Plus Size Tall, Fashionsign and My Black Hair Salons magazine. She has also modelled for big labels like Old Navy.

Her journey to the modelling industry started when her family moved to Canada in 2001, after living a life of fear during the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency. Omony was then spotted by an agent at a career fair in high school in 2004.

“I began modelling at 16 and had a lot of pressure to lose weight but gave up and decided to remain the way I am,” she says.

Before full-time modelling, Omony was in the oil and gas industry, where she worked as a procurement analyst in supply chain management. Omony, a size five compared to the recommended size four for straight models, explains that plus-size models are also involved in charity like the slim ones.

She is the ambassador of FEED 1 Project, spokesperson for Hearts 4 Peace and also contributes to the GuluWalk, which supports war-scarred youth in sport, culture and peace-building. She also enjoys volunteering and being a part of positive change in her community. She has thus worked and volunteered for organizations such as UNICEF Canada, Immigrant Services Calgary and the United Nations Association in Canada.

For her big heart that promotes peace and human rights, Omony was recognized by the University of Calgary for participating in community service. Omony is also passionate about encouraging plus-size models and has hosted the Afro Canada Beauty Pageant, for plus-size modelling.

“I’m working on a film about body image with teen girls from Alice Jamieson Girls’ Academy because it is important to empower and promote a healthy body image for young girls,” she states.

Aside from her good looks, a nice smile, dimples, soft skin, long legs, Omony views herself as an honest, supportive, loving and spiritual person. She believes her faith and Ugandan identity have enabled her to focus and achieve her many aspirations.

“I’m very proud to be Ugandan. I embrace my heritage and culture with pride. I grew up Catholic and went to Catholic schools; God is the centre of my life,” she says as a matter of fact.

She is single and prefers to concentrate on her career. But during her leisure time, she loves adventure, art exhibits, community festivals, road trips, concerts and watching independent films that have given her many rich experiences.


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