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Bugembe prophesies in Nangirira

Pastor Wilson Bugembe has released a new year eye-opener in Nangirira, which prophesies blessings in 2012.

Timely, considering how difficult 2011 was. The song says this year comes with less problems. His song is reminiscent of D’Angelo Busuulwa’s January 2011 popular hit with Luther T, Omwaka Guno, which beseeched God to give them first priority as He dished out the 2011 blessings. For Bugembe, Nangirira was released in late December and the song has already become a hit with the video that features Annet Nandujja and Kika troupe already going viral.

The video was done with a traditional touch and the pastor is also seen in what looks like traditional South African garb that gives his fans a rare view of his bare chest.
According to www.hipipo.com an online music website, both Nangirira’s audio and video links are the most marketable on the Ugandan musical charts at the moment.
The song was recorded by Fire Records and produced by Tony Houles.

In the song, Bugembe prophesies that 2012 is going to be the year of abundant success as God is going to work out a miracle for almost everyone; the sick will get healed, the poor will get rich, school fees problems will reduce, the evil people will denounce their satanic ways and life will be by and large good. In the song, he also announces that he is going to have his wedding before year-end.

In the last couple of years, Bugembe has become arguably the most eligible bachelor in born-again Christian circles. He has been the centre of controversy as girls and women scrambled to win the street kid-turned pastor’s heart.

“It was a revelation that came in a dream as the Lord was promising that the coming year was going to be different from other years. I hope to have a godly wedding that has been pending for many years. I am happy that question of when I am getting married is answered,” said Bugembe.

Like his previous projects, Nangirira is steadily forcing its way into people’s ears and hearts; Christian or not.


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