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Silk wraps up year in fashion

For three years running, Club Silk has held monthly fashion shows and they always ensure that the show that wraps up the year leaves a mark and sets a pace for the coming year.

Last Thursday was the last fashion show of 2011 and despite 32-year-old Anna Claire Lukoma being hardly known on the Ugandan fashion scene, her designs and show deserved an A+. Lukoma has spent most of her life in Japan where she was doing Afro-Asian clothing under Nihon Afrique fashion house and on return she decided to put something on the Ugandan scene as well.

Lukoma, trading as Lulu fashions, believes fashion is not just about the clothes but, rather, “a mixture of great designs, music and art”. Upon entering Silk Ocean, patrons were greeted by Dasper Cosine’s graffiti work. Cosine is a renowned artiste who works with Xenson Ssekaaba and he was doing live painting based on the proceedings of the night.  It was creativity at its best.

Despite just being here for one year and not having set up a fashion house yet, Lukoma has already teamed up with Watoto church’s women empowering group Living Hope and pledged to give part of the proceeds to the group to see that the disadvantaged women have a better life. Lukoma, who teamed up with Bukenya Kasozi, really did her homework to ensure that everything goes according to the book.

The two hired models from Eloquent Modelling agency and Kasozi stunned the ladies by parading well-built male models as he showcased his military wear. Because Lukoma came highly recommended, patrons were eager to see what she had to offer. You could tell by just looking at the dresses that she takes ample time perfecting the blends and ensuring that everything is where it is supposed to be. She says her designs are made to inspire people to look out for the future.

Her first theme, Conscience designs, had too much art that I would need a tutorial with a fashion lecturer to explain all of it. Then the little black dresses left many women wanting to know where she is going to place her store because the outfits were designed to bring out every curve on a woman’s body.

Anyone with a flabby body shouldn’t even think of donning any of these dresses, though. When it came to holiday wear, the dresses were rather plain, with not so much to write home about.

The musical interlude this time had Pretty Glo and Peter Nawee, and clearly the pair still has a long way to go before the big lights shine on them. However, the next interlude that had Tabu Flo really got the crowd onto its feet.

And yes, despite some cliché parts, it was a show worth capping the year with.


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