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Meet Wavamunno, Nkumba’s new boss

On September 9, Gordon Wavamunno, an honorary professor, was commissioned Chancellor of Nkumba University.

He talked to John Vianney Nsimbe about the expectations of his new role.

Your appointment as a chancellor came as a big surprise. How did it all happen?

I was first approached by Nkumba University a year ago. At first I declined because I did not think that with my busy schedule, I would handle the role.

After much thought, I decided to engage in discussions with some administrators at the university on what they had in mind. After many meetings, I accepted to become Nkumba’s new chancellor.

How do you feel about it?

I feel so honoured. It has made me realize that I have the public’s respect and trust. My integrity and trust can’t be doubted. Within me, I feel so motivated to perform. I have been to Nkumba University and I made some observations, which I am yet to reveal.  

You are the honorary Consul of Hungary and the boss at Spear Motors and WBS TV. How will you manage to run your other offices?

I never bite more than I can [swallow]. Being a chancellor does not require my involvement in the university’s daily operations. But more importantly, I will have to preside over the graduation ceremonies and also plan for the long-term future of the university.

Together with my team of staff at the university, I have to play a big part in ensuring that the university continues to grow and become one of the best in the country.

Does Nkumba have enough land for expansion?

Nkumba has enough land for more structures. And by the way, I only get involved in new ventures when I know I’m going to contribute and make a difference. I have got to make a fundamental impact on Nkumba University.

It is only then that my time there can be appreciated. Let me tell you, I have the experience when it comes to making institutions grow. Look at Spear Motors or WBS TV; they are successful entities. That is what I plan to do at Nkumba University.

What signs of growth should we look out for?

First of all, I must look at the university’s five-year plan and it’s such a report that I will base on to improve Nkumba. I will also make some suggestions on top of the five-year plan the university gives me. What’s considered vital in the university plan is what I will work towards achieving.

Do you have any misgivings since you have not been in academia for long?

I have not thought about failure. As an entrepreneur, I have vast business acumen, having built so many good businesses. With the experience I have acquired as a businessman over the years, I will apply similar philosophies that will enable Nkumba make a mark.

And by the way, at Spear Motors, we have built one of the best colleges for car mechanics. Similarly, Nkumba can be the university that produces the best graduates.

But let people not get carried away and expect me to turn a car into a plane.


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