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Nandujja joins Saava and Ssewanyana in Zivuge

One bright sunny afternoon, three people sat in a meeting.

One could only wonder what Saava Karim of Saava Entertainment, Herman Ssewanyana of Percussion Discussion Africa and Annet Nandujja of the Planets were talking about. The trio came up with an idea to take the music they do to new fronts.

They came up with what they dubbed Zivuge Concert 2011. It was easy to see how the trio could have come up with a consensus with just one meeting – they all play world music at different levels.

They also agreed that the concert should have a touch of class and appeal as a way of making the show top notch. They chose Serena Hotel because, according to Ssewanyana, it would ensure that they tapped into the corporate world.

It will also provide them with the ultimate challenge of proving to the world that local instruments fused with western music can produce sound that touches the soul, thus the title, “Zivuge”.

Friday, January 28 is the d-date and being the first of its kind, no one knows what to expect. But one thing is for sure, the trio has proven itself on this front.

It is also because of this that they decided this will be an annual event for the years to come.
One will have to part with Shs 50,000 for the two-hour show expected to run from 8pm to 10pm.


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