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MP Bahati ordered out of USA

Ndorwa West MP, David Bahati, who authored the Anti- Homosexual Bill in Uganda, calling for the death sentence of gays and their allies, has been ordered out of the United States of America.


Bahati obtained a single event visa to the USA to attend the International Consortium of Governmental Financial Management conference.

But on Tuesday he was denied entry into the conference venue, despite the fact that other MPs from Uganda had been allowed to participate.

The conference organizers cited the fact that they would not associate themselves with the author of what became known as the Kill Gays Bill, officially The Anti-Homosexual Bill; which Bahati hopes will pass.

Reports from the US state that Bahati, who was taped for Thursday’s Rachel Maddow TV Show, was told to get out of the USA by the authorities Thursday.

Bahati who had planned on staying in the USA and to leave over the weekend, was asked to leave right away by department of State officials.

The US authorities informed Bahati that he was no longer welcome and nor was he legally entitled to remain in the USA.  He was put on a plane for Paris and is probably on his way back home.

A large group of activists were planning to protest today - Friday. But now that Bahati has left , the protests have been called off and the activists assert they are happy he is gone.

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