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Dr Jimmy Spire Ssentongo

A conversation among dead Ugandans

When we fall asleep, we partially go into another world. The mind wonders on its...

Yusuf Serunkuma

My salute to the heroes at Nasser road (Part II)

Power steals officially. When those in power steal, they use official letterheads and government stamps. Their...


Ugandan voices needed to end America’s “wildfire seasons”

Wildfires emit more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than global road, rail, shipping and air...

Lynda Nabayiinda

How to manage internet consumption amidst COVID-19

This year we experienced the novel COVID-19 pandemic and with it came a lockdown period...


EC must deliver orderly, free and fair elections

The just-ended chaotic and violent ruling NRM primary elections for the party’s parliamentary flag bearers...