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Private sector sets up health fund

The Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) has set up a health fund to support the fight against maternal and infant deaths in the country.

PSFU hopes that, through contributions from private entrepreneurs and businesses to the newly created Private Sector Health Common Fund, members can support the development of a healthy population.


A legal instrument embedded in the Income Tax Act Cap 340 allows PSFU to seek funds from its members for such causes. In the first year, money from the fund will be channelled to malaria prevention and treatment initiatives run by the ministry of Health.

In a statement issued after launching the fund, PSFU said they had partnered with the ministry and the Johns Hopkins University Centre for Communication Programmes to execute the plan.

Ruth Musoke, PSFU’s director of member services, said performance indicators would be developed to ensure effective use of the money from the fund. Accordingly, implementing partners in the selected districts will have to sign a performance-based contract, which could involve the deposit of a performance bond or bank guarantee.


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