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Bugembe releases new church-banger

Pastor Wilson Bugembe has released a new gospel album, Lengera Embaata, that enhances his style of storytelling.

In tune with his songs such as Bwalikujjukira, Kani, Komawo Eka and Ani, the new album is rhythmic albeit with winding messages. In the title song Lengera Embaata, Bugembe compares salvation to Noah’s ark which requires all to join. And like the biblical Noah, those asked to step into the ark and save their lives mock preachers until it is too late.

“The rate at which people have welcomed the new album gives me more power to compose others. The circulation of the album is simply unbelievable,” said Bugembe.

In Malirize Bulungi, he praises his love for Jesus, but attacks fake pastors whose only aim is to enrich themselves, and politicians who start out as heroes but end their terms as villains.

He singles out Milton Obote whose mission ended on a bad note, returning to Uganda in a coffin in spite of his contribution to the state. The album has a rare collabo – Guma Omwoyo – with Sylver Kyagulanyi and Isaiah Katumwa. With so many problems, people tend to think God forgot their plight and with this song, the trio delivers hope the best way they know how.

Kyagulanyi chips in with advisory lines, while Katumwa’s saxophone enhances its dancehall beat. Other songs on the album are Ku Radio, Olwaleero Mbaga and Bamuyita Yesu, a sweet-to-the-ear song packed with Bugembe’s signature testimonial style.

Others are Abantu bo and I am a Ugandan, already enjoying good airplay.


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