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State House to Kasaija: name thieving officials

November 21, 2018 by Alon Mwesigwa

Minister of Finance Matia Kasaija has come under increasing pressure to name the public officials whom he says are hiding billions of shillings stolen from public coffers in their homes. A...


Vanity of canopies at our school gates

When the so-called traditional elite schools want something fancy and suspect parents will oppose it, they call the ‘old students association’ (OSA) and pitch. The OSA presents the...


Prof Afunaduula on village life after Makerere

No major debate in the country, in the East African region, in Africa and the larger world would end without his contribution. If you were a newsman/newswoman worth the...

Mum’s joy of five babies comes with 30 diapers a day...

Honoranta Nakato, 44, married at 22 and did not see her worst nightmare coming; years of a marriage without the fruit of the womb. The ridicule, the taunting, the...

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