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Mental health crisis: no one should suffer alone or in silence

Our society is facing a growing mental health crisis that can no longer be ignored.

Recent tragic events, from a prominent digital marketer’s apparent suicide due to feelings of emptiness, to a young student taking their own life due to academic pressures, to acts of domestic violence linked to mental health struggles, have shone a spotlight on the silent suffering many are experiencing.

Underlying these distressing incidents are deeper social and economic factors that are taking a severe toll on people’s well-being. Skyrocketing unemployment, financial insecurity, and the grind of urban living are driving many, especially young people, to cope through unhealthy means like alcoholism. Mental health has become a “silent killer”, robbing too many of the joy and meaning in life.

It is clear that urgent action is needed to address this crisis at all levels of society. The government must make mental health a top priority, starting with improving access to affordable, high-quality mental healthcare services.

Employers also have a crucial role to play in fostering mentally healthy workplaces through policies that reduce stress, provide counselling support, and destigmatize discussing mental health challenges.

At the community level, we must work to build a culture of openness, empathy and support around mental wellbeing. Families, schools, and neighbourhoods should strive to create environments where people feel comfortable reaching out for help without fear of judgment.

No one should suffer alone or in silence. By coming together as a society to prioritize mental health, we can prevent more tragic losses and help everyone live with the dignity, purpose and inner peace they deserve. The time to act is now - our collective well-being depends on it.

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