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NRM must walk the walk on poverty alleviation, financial insecurity

The latest survey data from Uganda’s central bank reveals a distressing scenario regarding the financial...

Frank Kisakye

Your mail: Citizens must demand for accountability

In the social contract framework, citizens elect leaders whom they entrust to protect them, run...

Joel Mukisa

Uganda: society of madness and trauma

News is flashed upon us, or we flash upon it sounding alarm bells of a...

Yusuf Sserunkuma

Memories from Bukenya and Gakwandi’s shrines

Makerere University recently celebrated the literary geniuses of my friends and mentors, Prof Arthur Gakwandi...


Short story: man without a list of his attackers embraces pain

A decrepit police station stands by the roadside. Inside, the paint is peeling off the...

Denis Jjuuko

Electric vehicle tax incentives good but they need prolonging

Planned kids of these days may not know this but there was a time when...


Alternative financing for road safety interventions

In the realm of transportation infrastructure, road safety stands as a paramount concern, affecting hundreds...


Building an independent identity separate from your job

Inevitably, there comes a time in formal employment when you cease working in the office...

Ben Misagga

Decentralizing the game is the way to go for Uganda

I am sure it is in everyone’s interest to have the game of football spread...


End tax waivers for agriculture & let sector contribute to tax pool

As the Ugandan government considers new tax measures for the 2024/25 financial year, the issue...

Joel Mukisa

Porn, sex, art and the mind in the 21st century

Art has gained heightened significance as an aesthetic.