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DRC camp bombing death toll rises to 35

Displaced civilians in grief after bombing in the camp

Displaced civilians in grief after bombing in the camp

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has increased the death of Lushagala site bombing to 35. 

Two mortar shells hit the Mugunga district-based camp located 13-15 kilometres from Goma on May 3, following heavy fighting between the March 23 Movement (M23) rebels and Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) soldiers and coalition in the area. At least nine people died on the spot while 37 were injured.                 

After the incident, M23 and the DRC government/coalition released statements accusing each other of firing bombs in the camp. On Friday, Modeste Mutinga Mutuishayi, Social Affairs minister, and Albert Fabrice Puela, minister for Human Rights released a statement putting the number of deaths at 35.  

Mutushayi and Puela on Thursday led a delegation of government officials from the capital Kinshasa to Goma city to assess the security situation in North Kivu province.   

They condemned the bombing and said that the government would put all the efforts to defeat the perpetrators. They added that bodies of the deceased would be buried on Saturday.

In March 2022, M23, led by Bertrand Bisimwa and General Sultan Makenga, initiated a conflict against the government. The DR Congo government accuses Rwanda of supporting M23, although both Rwanda and M23 vehemently deny these claims. 

The rebels assert that they are fighting against corruption, xenophobia and discrimination within the leadership of DR Congo. 


0 #1 Lysol 2024-05-13 07:49
The Zaire/DRC leadership should by now have known that it's actually fighting a proxy war with Rwanda/Uganda instead of being too naive.

Someday that country will fall apart, because of its weak leadership.
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0 #2 Lakwena 2024-05-14 18:33
But the Congolese people are not serious!

In other words, for how long can a tinny country Like Rwanda that can be militarily overwhelmed and walked-over in a night; molest such a huge country with such a population and abundant natural resources?

I am not a Warmonger.

But it is unthinkable e.g., vis-a-vis the looting of the precious minerals in the Region the iternal displacements and/or sheer number Congolese who flee the Eastern DRC into Uganda every year; simply because, the Congolese Army can't stand up like a national army and decimate the M23 nuisance and its Rwanda backer/funder once and for all.

Eish! There must be an end to such a criminal conflict, which feeds the Rwandese Booty Capitalism through looting and/or plunder disguised through the M23 Rebels.
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0 #3 Lakwena 2024-05-14 18:40
Unless the Congolese does what Israel in doing to the Hamas in Gaza, they should forget about peace and development in that region and country.

It is high time the Congolese differentiated between the Lesser and Greater Evil and acted decisively.
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