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Two arrested for offering Shs 2m bribe to Arua police officer to 'kill' murder case

Police have arrested two people for attempting to bribe the officer-in-charge of the criminal investigation division (OC CID) of Arua District Central police station in Odumi to 'kill' a murder case against their relative.

Annet Ajikia and Brian Nyakuta, both residents of Nyio village, Vurra sub-county in Arua district, were arrested last Sunday while attempting to bribe Japher Kalinaki with Shs 2 million to secure the release of their relative, Innocent Onzima, who was detained on Friday in connection with the murder of his brother, Alido Arijole.

Josephine Angucia, police spokesperson for the West Nile region, stated that the suspects have been transferred to Arua City Central Division and are scheduled to appear in court today Tuesday to face charges of bribing a police officer. 

She added that the murder suspect, Onzima, has also been taken to Arua City Central Division for medical evaluation to determine his mental state. In the police report, it was revealed that Alido Arijole was killed on December 17, 2023, allegedly by a group of clan members led by Innocent Onzima, who accused him of acquiring wealth through illicit means. 

After the murder, the clan members destroyed the victim's property before fleeing to seek refuge in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Following the transfer of the former OC CID, Moses Maloba, who was handling the murder case, Onzima and other suspects returned to Uganda, leading to their apprehension by the police.

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