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Population census: Ubos receives 100,000 tablets

Chris Mukiza, Ubos executive director

Chris Mukiza, Ubos executive director

The first batch of the 120,000 tablets to be used by the Uganda National Bureau of Statistics (Ubos) for the national population and housing census has arrived in the country.

Chris Mukiza, Ubos executive director said a consignment of the 100,000 tablets was delivered by an unrevealed international supplier, while the remaining 20,000 will be delivered later by a local supplier. The tablets cost over Shs 132 billion. Last month Ubos, sought for an additional Shs 23.7 billion to settle tax obligations for the 120,000 tablets after the ministry of Finance declined to grant them a tax waiver. 

Available information indicates that Ubos in August last year, Ubos procured 38,000 tablets priced at $540 (about Shs 2 million) each and 82,000 tablets at $164 (Shs 620,000) each. After the census, the tablets are set to be used by the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) and the Electoral Commission for the upcoming 2026 general elections.

“The tablets have reached the country; we are waiting for the last batch, which will arrive next week. We have started provisioning and installing software and applications on the system. We have less than 30 days to go and I think, by the census night (May 10, 2024), we will be fully prepared to conduct a very successful census,” he said.

Uganda's last population census was conducted in 2014. At that time, the results indicated that Uganda had a population of 34 million people. Currently, Uganda is estimated to have over 41 million people. Mukiza said the geo-mapping of household and enumeration area boundaries currently stands at 97.6 per cent of the entire country. A week-long training of census technical officers from local government and cities was completed last week at Speke Resort.

“We have completed 97.6 per cent of the entire country. We are remaining at 2.4 per cent. We have given a one-week ultimatum to all district representatives to complete the enumeration of areas before the release of budgets for the districts,” he said.

According to Mukiza, districts with missing data or are poorly mapped include Kikuubo, Kitgum, Shema, Ntungamo, Mityana, Buvuma, Wakiso, Bugiri, Buyende, Kweni Abim, Kalenga, Kotindo. He noted that the district planners have pledged to get back to their respective districts and complete the enumeration exercise.

“Training will help them learn how to link households and questionnaires, understand the concepts they will employ, how to approach the respondents, and how to understand them in a bid to get data,” he said.


0 #1 kabayekka 2024-04-15 11:40
Uganda seems to be a country from no where. This is a situation that the country of Buganda that has been around for decades cannot partcipate in.

One advises the Ganda tribes people not to embark into such enterprise that try to imprison your cultured conscience!
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+1 #2 Lysol 2024-04-15 19:33
The so-called Ubos is corrupt entity which tends to inflate numbers to please the regime and fool Ugandans with its fuzzy Maths , by playing the devil's arithmetic.

Why waste taxpayers' money on buying 100,000 refurbished gadgets?
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