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African Union bans slaughtering donkeys

Traders with their donkeys in Sudan

Traders with their donkeys in Sudan

The African Union has approved a ban on the slaughter of donkeys for their hides.

The measure was approved at the end of the African leaders’ summit in Ethiopia and may go a long way in helping to protect the continent’s 33 million donkeys.

Donkeys are being killed in large numbers on the continent for an ingredient in ejiao, a Chinese remedy, believed by some to have anti-ageing and health benefits.

The Donkey Sanctuary, a charity, said, “This historic decision taken by the African Union recognizes, at the highest level of decision making the vital importance of donkeys across Africa.”

The animals were facing “a very real existential threat,” The Donkey Sanctuary said, as 5.9 million donkeys are killed annually for the remedy.

In Africa, people in the poorest communities use donkeys for transportation and to carry goods, including water. A recent African study revealed that possessing a donkey can make the difference between destitution and a modest livelihood.

Marianne Steele, chief executive of The Donkey Sanctuary, said, “Donkeys are sensitive and intelligent creatures who deserve protection for their own sakes and for the countless communities who rely on them.”


+1 #1 Lakwena 2024-02-22 08:43
it seems Chinese are involved, not only in unfair international trade and especially counterfeiting other people's (countires) innovations (products); but also violating own citizens human rights and decimating rare animal species from other countries such as: Rhino (Horns), Pangolin (scale) and now "dumb ass" (donkeys) skin, for purposes of vain superstition, such as long-life and sex-drive.

In other words, after exponentially overpopulating their country and/or world (1.42 Billion), the Chinese are dangerous, ravenous and a good for nothing people.

And therefore pose serious threats not only to wild-lives but poor donkeys and hence enemies of humanity animals, plants and minerals (mindless exploitation)
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