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Abim voters welcome ejection of Yuventine Omara from office

Yuventine Omara

Yuventine Omara

A section of voters in Abim district has welcomed a decision by the Court of Appeal which ordered the LC V chairperson Yuventine Omara to vacate office for violating election guidelines.

Court of Appeal last week on Tuesday ruled that Omara was erroneously elected into office because he was still a serving officer in the Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF). The court further ordered that John De West Ariko who contested against Omara as an independent candidate assumes the office with immediate effect.

A section of residents welcomed the court decision, saying the case had dragged on for so long yet their interest was to see social services being delivered to the people. Ronix Abura, a resident of Abim town council said that they are willing to work with the new leadership.

He added that they cannot waste time lamenting about the past, noting that the ejected chairperson had a lot of unfulfilled promises. James Obote, another area resident said that they will follow the court’s decision while waiting for the next general elections to decide on another move.

He equally noted that the court process had affected service delivery in the district, adding that the case closure is an opportunity for them to concentrate on development programs. Daniel Okello, a resident of Kiru town council welcomed the court ruling stating that the case had dragged on for so long.

Okello urged the two aggrieved politicians to put aside their differences and focus on how best they can serve the district which is struggling to overcome numerous challenges in key governance sectors. 

Jonathan Abia, another resident said that the decision to overturn Omara's victory should serve as a lesson to others who are vying for political offices while in public service. He noted that it has become a common practice for people to run after politics because of money.

Abia described the outgoing chairperson as a true leader who was social and supported most of the government programs intended to transform the communities and urged the incoming leader to pick up from where his predecessor had stopped.

The Electoral Commission in 2021 declared Omara of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party as the winner of Abim with 14, 417 votes against Ariko who garnered 4,809 votes. But Ariko petitioned the High court in Soroti on grounds that Omara was not qualified for the position because he had not resigned from his employment in the army.

The court heard that Omara was serving as a member of the army at the rank of captain.


0 #1 kabayekka 2024-02-19 12:55
That is what most of the Uganda public have all along been saying.

The Electoral Commission and the NRM judicial and military are all politically biased alongside this long serving government.

They insist that those who oppose such a political scenario should also go back in the tropical bushes of Buganda or Tanzania and do the same to capture state power! Shame of their African uncivilized methods!
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