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Updated few hours ago

Floating Island’s tilapia is excellent

Love deep friend tilapia? The floating Island in Luzira is the place to be. How fresher can fish ever be! Straight from the lake on to your plate.

You can even see some small tilapia swimming around the island. Being at the source, you would expect the Shs 40,000 fish to be a giant of tilapia.

Well, it is not, but the high pricing must be for the absolute taste. It’s so crispy that you will crackle on all the succulent external bones and fins. It is also perfectly marinated and seasoned and little wonder that they take longer than the usual 15 to 20 minutes preparation time of deep-fried fish. But it is worth all the wait.

You will taste an avalanche of spices in the fish but will never know what exactly there is - a sign of proper balancing no overwhelming or dulling the fish. Moreover, it is accompanied by succulent chips that are tasty even on their own.

Ugandan chefs are slowly learning how to make chips tasty, away from the usual boring sprinkling with seasoning. Apparently, the trick is in cooking the chips first and using clean cooking oil.


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