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You can as well zoom it

Thanks to technology, prayer cells just got easier.

You can totally have a WhatsApp group for prayer, where at an agreed time, you place that group call and you all agree in prayer and kick off. Why hadn’t I thought of that before!

The women in my church have been trying to pray together for some time now, but every time we agree on a day, we congregate just a couple of times before the cell fizzles out and dies, or is left to just a couple of prayer warriors.

Then someone shared how she is in multiple online prayer cells ranging from family altars to workplace fellowships – some on Zoom, most of them on WhatsApp – and that God is answering prayers in amazing ways for them in the different groups.

She suggested that the church women’s prayer group also goes to WhatsApp and the idea caught like fire. Anyone who wants to pray a corporate prayer or a prayer in agreement with others may be defeated when it comes to the logistics part of attending a physical meeting.

But to think that at a time X, whether you are in your garden or on your lunch break, whether you are in Uganda or abroad, you can pick that group call and join a prayer cell, is simply awesome!

These are terrible times. Any chance you get to talk to the Lord, use it. I speak for myself when I say sometimes praying on my own can be so hard, but the moment I join one or two people in a prayer of agreement, the devil is in deep trouble.

No wonder satan was frustrating these prayer meetings, especially for us whose churches are not in our neighbourhoods; the logistics of making the trip to church several times a week in this economy can become overwhelming. But you don’t have to give up; take the battle online.

WhatsApp calls are cheap, so all you need are a few MBs and a good connection then...Fire!!


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