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Cakely by Asha Batenga will leave you feeling all cheery

What is Asha Batenga’s name in Cakely? Everything!

It takes extraordinary self-belief to append your name to a logo and brand. I mean, not every baker gets to bake the Kabaka’s 67th and 68th birthday cakes. You ought to have proven yourself at the topmost level.

And Cakely by Asha Batenga just opposite Uganda Police headquarters in Naguru endeavours to remind you of that. They are more of a top-end confectionery shop than a restaurant, but walk in any time and request anything on their assorted menu and they will make it. Besides the lower restaurant, they have an upper section designed for small party gatherings.

In Ugandan restaurants, it is important to always ask ‘what’s available now’ if you don’t want the back-and-forth trips between your table and the kitchen.

At Cakely, the waiter, who could do with a simple smile, will proudly tell you “everything on our menu is available”. And theirs is not a simple menu of 10 items, it is a fully-fledged menu segmented between different cuisines which are uniquely named after people’s names.

The Chicken Fajita Sizzler is grilled chicken strips fused with onion, bell peppers, carrots, seated on the bed of raw cabbage leaves with the scallions and salsa condiment giving it a base taste. The coriander herbs create layering crescendo flavours and taste – striking right at the top on the very last swallow.

It is served with chips, wedges or mashed potatoes. There is also salsa and guacamole on the side. It is a meal that leaves your stomach and tastebuds in conflict; you are full but still want to eat more because of the good taste.


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