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Cargo scanner retrieves over 87.9 tonnes of steel coils disguised as scrap

The steel coils under scrap

The steel coils under scrap

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) last week apprehended 3 trucks that were ferrying 49 rolls of steel coils that were mis-declared as scrap from South Sudan.

The Elegu enforcement team received a non-intrusive inspection (NII) cargo scanner alert about the trucks and immediately intercepted them to uncover over 87,955kgs of steel coils as detailed below;

Truck reg no. UAM 801T/UAQ 136L contained 14 rolls of stainless steel coils with a total weight of 25,130kgs. The second truck reg no. UBL 234L/UAL 753X 90 was found with 16 rolls of stainless steel coils with a total weight of 28,720kgs while third truck reg no. UBE 928F/UAZ 138Q contained 19 rolls of stainless steel coil with a total weight of 34,105kgs. The total expected revenue is estimated at close Shs 100 million.

In accordance with Sections 200 and 203 of the East African Community Customs Management Act, an importer found to be in the act of concealing goods faces up to five years in prison or a fine equal to half of the dutiable worth of the items in question.

Investment in technologies like NII isn't just a modern convenience but a vital necessity that is essential in locating hidden objects and stopping illegal activity because of its sophisticated imaging and analytic capabilities.

In the fiscal year 2022/23, customs enforcement operations across the country, recovered a total of Shs 132.77 billion through 14,187 seizures. Of these, 11.70 per cent was mis-description/false documentation.

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