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The Observer Mobile App


What is The Observer Mobile App?

The Observer mobile app is a native mobile application of iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android mobile devices. It provides information, entertainment and utility services.


How is the mobile app different from this Website?

The mobile app is an application you install on your mobile device. You do not need a browser to use it on your mobile device. Unlike this website, you cannot use it on a desktop computer. The mobile app is related to this website, but they are not the same thing. While most of the information available on this website is accessible through the mobile app, the app provides exclusive content and services that are not available through this website, including push notifications, local weather forecast, directions, and special news features.


How much does it cost?

The Observer mobile app is free. Some features require registration. Certain premium content and services which are bundled with The Print edition of The Observer newspaper and access to archives going back to 2004 require a subscription. Currently, access to such premium content is only available to subscribers to the Print Edition of The Observer newspaper.


What are the subscription rates?

At present, access to certain premium content - in particular digital access to print edition articles and special features - is limited to subscribers of the print (hard copy) edition of The Observer newspaper. To subscribe to The Observer printed newspaper, visit our offices at 1 Tagore Crescent, Kamwokya, Kampala, Uganda or call +256 414 230433/4. Note that at present, The Observer newspaper can only be delivered to subscribers within Uganda only.


If I don't subscribe to the print edition of The Observer, are there other ways to access premium content through the app?

Not at present. You must be a print edition subscriber to access certain premium content.


I am a subscriber to the print edition, what do I need to do to access the premium content through the app?

This is a two-step process: 1. Sign up through the app. 2. Send an email to "subscription@observer.ug" indicating your print subscription number and the sign up email you used in step 1. You will be granted access to the restricted premium content within 48 hours.


Who should I contact is I need help?

The best way to contact us is to use the phone number or email contacts included within the app. You can also contact us by using the contact form on our our contacts page or by email to "admin@observer.ug" or by phone: +256414 230433/4


What about my privacy?

Refer to our privacy policy.


The Observer Website


What should I do if I have a problem with the website?

Contact our website team through the contacts page or by email to "admin@observer.ug" or by phone: +256414 230433/4


What information do you collect about me and how do you use it?

Refer to our privacy policy.