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VIP SCHOOLS: Ntare, Kisubi OBs in charge

The current crop of ‘who is who’ in Uganda (read VIPs), has many things in common, and one of them is the schools that moulded them. MICHAEL MUBANGIZI sampled 214 VIPs and now reveals which schools dominate this list.

Most of Uganda’s very important persons (VIPs) have studied in Ntare School and St. Mary’s College Kisubi. Findings of a mini-survey by The Observer indicates that 13 out of 214 VIPs sampled, studied at Ntare School for their A-level. That gives Ntare School the biggest share of VIP positions in Uganda at the moment.

On the other hand, St. Mary’s College Kisubi has taught most VIPs at O-level, leading with eight VIPs according to our survey. While Ntare School has had most of the VIPs study there for A-level, Mbarara High School, also in Mbarara Municipality, is second to Kisubi in having most VIPs who studied there at O- level.

Mbarara High School has seven VIPs in this category, compared to St. Mary’s College Kisubi’s eight.
The great ratings of Ntare School and Mbarara High School underlie the fact that President Museveni and many of his political confidants, studied there. The relationships forged between him and his colleagues during their school days have had an enduring influence on ‘who is who’ in Uganda over the last 23 years.

Museveni, together with his comrades such as Eriya Kategaya, were both at Mbarara High School and Ntare School for O’ and A-level respectively. Like Mbarara High School, Nabumali High School in Eastern Uganda, has seven VIPs who studied there for their O-level.

As for A-level, Ntare School, with 13 VIPs, is followed by Makerere College School that has produced nine current VIPs. St. Mary’s College Kisubi fares well at both O’ and A-level compared to say Mbarara High School which has had most VIPs study there for O-level but only one at A-level.

The survey shows that the school with the best scorecard is Ntare School with 18 VIPs, followed by Kisubi with 14 VIPs. The two are followed by King’s College Budo and Kibuli S.S., each with 12 VIPs.

The Observer sampled 214 people in the VIP category, mostly Cabinet ministers and MPs, asking them which schools they went to at both levels. Others are judges, chancellors and vice chancellors of public universities.

The number of A-level respondents, however, is only198. This is because some of the VIPs, mostly the aging ones such as Henry Muganwa Kajura, Kirunda Kivejinja and Namirembe Bitamazire, didn’t study A-level because it wasn’t operational at the time they went to school.

There are also some who are relatively young but still didn’t study A-level. These include people who started as Grade II teachers before upgrading to tertiary level. Also excluded in this categorisation are people who pursued their secondary school studies outside Uganda. The study was limited to Ugandan schools.

Some of the people declined to be included in the study, while others couldn’t be reached. An analysis of the survey shows that some of today’s academic giants are yet to produce VIPs, perhaps because they are new kids on the block.

These include Uganda Martyrs Namugongo, Namirembe Hillside, and St. Mary’s Kitende. However, there are also some giant old schools that don’t feature impressively on this list. For instance, of all the VIPs interviewed, none has studied at Mt. St. Mary’s Namagunga for O-level. Only four studied there at A-level.

With six VIPs having studied there at O-level and five at A-level, Sacred Heart Girls School Gulu tops schools from Northern Uganda on our list. It is followed by Lango College (five at O-level and four at A-level), and Sir Samuel Baker School Gulu (four at O-level and five at A-level).

As for O-level schools in Eastern Uganda, the VIPs mainly studied at Nabumali High School (seven), Ngora High School (four), and Namasagali College (four). At A-level, Busoga College Mwiri leads with seven VIPs, followed by Ngora High and Namasagali College, each with five.



 SCHOOL No. of A'level VIPS
 Ntare School  13
 Makerere College School 9
 St. Mary’s College Kisubi 7
 Kings College Budo 8
 Kibuli S.S 7
 Busoga College Mwiri 7
 St. Henry’s College Kitovu 6
 Sir Samuel Baker School Gulu 5
 Sacred Heart S.S Gulu 5
 Ngora High School 5
 Namasagali College 5
 Trinity College Nabbingo 4
 St. Peter’s College Tororo 4
 Namilyango College  4
 Mt. St. Mary’s Namagunga 4
 Lango College 4
 Kololo S.S 4
 Kigezi High School 4
 Kampala High School 4
 Teso College Aloet 3
 Old Kampala S.S 3
 Nyakasura School 3
 Mengo S.S 3
 Mbale S.S 3
 Makerere High School 3
 Kiira College Butiiki 3
 Gayaza High School 3
 St. Paul’s Seminary Kabale 2
 St. Benards S.S Masaka 2
 Nabumali High School 2
 Nabisunsa Girl’s School 2
 Mvara S.S Arua 2
 Lubiri S.S 2
 Layibi College Gulu 2
 Kampala Student’s Center 2
 Jinja College School 2
 Eastern College of Advanced Studies, Jinja   2
 Caltec Academy Kampala 3
 Bukalasa Seminary  2
 Nkoma S.S Mbale 2
 Uganda Martyrs College 2


























E.A Legislative Parliament MPs  

Lydia Wanyoto Mutende - Gayaza High School (O'level),  Makerere High School (A'Level)
Mugisha Muntu - Muntuyera High School (O'Level) , Makerere Col. School (A'Level)
Nantongo Zziwa - Kololo S. S (O'Level) , Calteck Academy (A'Level)


Justice Benjamin Odoki - King’s College Budo (O'Level) , Kings College Budo (A'Level)
Justice George Kanyeihamba  - Kigezi High School (O'Level), Busoga College Mwiri (A'Level)
Bart Katurebe - Kitunga High School (O'Level), Namilyango Col. Sch (A'Level)
Lawrence Gidudu - Nabumali High School (O'Level),  King’s College Budo (A'Level) 
Kabiito Isingoma Benjamin - St. Leo’s College (O'Level), Ntare School (A'Level)
Joseph Murangira - Kigezi College Butobele (O'Level),  Kigezi High School (A'Level)
Anup Signh Choudry - St. Joseph’s Nyamitanga (O'Level), Layibi College, Gulu (A'Level)
Chancellors & Vice Chancellors   
Prof. Livingstone Luboobi Ntare School Makerere Col. School



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